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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bomar's Future...on THIS side of the Red?

  • Bomar to UNT?
  • With OU fans still reeling, and OU coaches still mending the gash in the hull of an already crippled program, Rhett Bomar has his own decisions to make.

    Officials at TCU and UNT have both expressed interest in OU's sloppy-seconds. The TCU head coach, probably in more of a political decision than a football decision, has backtracked. But UNT head coach Darrell Dickey still has Bomar on his dance card, subject to the impending NCAA investigation. Dickey, having apparently passed the "No Hug" test with Bomar's father, Jerry, is well aware that Bomar could be subject to a suspension. But he is young enough that he could survive losing 1 or 2 yrs of eligibility.

    OU fans will endure certain NCAA sanctions and wonder: Why does that little **** get off scott-free? Why indeed? I don't think he will. I think the NCAA will do the right thing and punish him in some way. He will certainly lose at least ONE year...but is it fair that he gets to come back at all? I think so.

    There is growing sentiment that Bomar is a very good football talent, but his prickishness is already NFL-ready. The Kevlar of winning at a big program now shed, it is now easy to call for his head. But we have to remember that he is only 19-20 yrs old. Which of us would like have our career forestalled based on decisions/mistakes that we made when we were that age? He broke the rules and should be held responsible...but it doesn't have to be the equivalent of the SMU death penalty. I say that he loses 2 yrs of eligibility, which may be reduced to 1 depending on the level of his cooperation with the investigation. That leaves him with at least 1 more year to play.

    NOW...should that one year be with North Texas? I say, to the extent that the NCAA determines to allow him back in, he is fair game. North Texas is under the Keshawn/T.O. Plan - they have nothing to lose. If Bomar behaves himself, he has the talent to garner them some national interest and actually win some non-conference games. If he doesn't behave himself, the UNT program doesn't come down like Goliath...more like a toddler stumbling on carpet. TCU, on the other hand, is at least ranked, so one might excuse them for their caution. But if you are UNT and you have an opportunity to get a quarterback of this caliber, you pull the trigger.

    McNeese State watches intently. Texas asks "Who's this Brett Romar?"


    Blogger Scott Boswell said...

    I think playing for UNT is a fitting punishment. Not only is he inheriting a bad team, his out of conference schedule is tune up fodder for relevant programs. This way, Texas fans still get to continue pointing and laughing every time he lands on his ***.

    1:34 PM  

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