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Monday, August 21, 2006

Longhorn QB - He's not VY, but I'm feeling better about this McCoy kid.

The article in the Dallas Morning News starts off very dramatically, describing UT redshirt freshman quarterback Colt McCoy as a hero...having saved a man from drowning.

But it goes on to convince me of how down to earth he really is. True Texas-Boy, coached in his small town high school by his father (or, as we say it in Texas: "by his Daddeh"), National Honor Society member, only lost 3 games in his high school career, and remains very "aw-shucks" about the whole thing.

Maybe he's watched Bull Durham enough to know how important cliche's are, but these are different in that he's actually saying something. He is telling me that he appreciates where he is, that he knows the expectations that come with his position, and the acknowledges the very real possibility that he might not get meet them to the satisfaction of himself or the Longhorn faithful. But he seems OK with that.

The only thing true competitors ask for is the opportunity. They know that if (and only if) they work hard enough, the prize will be theirs. That is enough for them. Following a Texas Legend in VY? No problem. Being challenged for the QB spot by a true freshman? No problem. Facing National Championship contender tOSU in your 2nd career start? No problem.

But don't take it from me. I've never met the kid. But his teammates are raving about him, how cool he is, how comfortable he is...oh yeah...and how talented he is. Now, all he has to do is go out and do it for real. But with this kind of attitude, I'm ready to cut him some slack.

What are LSU fans saying about that Ryan Perriloux these days....?


Blogger Scott Boswell said...

With a name like "Colt McCoy", can you really do anything else but be a starting QB for Texas? However, he needs to change his jersey number to '45.

I give the over/under on Brent Musburger's Colt = gun reference at 5.

11:55 AM  

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