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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Reggie Bush Pre-Season Week 1...Poor Houston Texans

OK...I'm new to this blogging thing, and I'm still trying to strike a balance between "breaking news" and "knee-jerk reactions". I'm fairly certain that halftime of the 1st pre-season game falls into the latter category...but I just can't help myself.

At one point, Bush was 3 rushes for 52 yds. WOW! That's on pace for...(quick calculations)...5500 yds this season! That's got to be a record...

OK, a closer look reveals that it was really a couple of short runs and then a 44 yd scamper. But still...you drafted him for his explosiveness, right? So, its not like that pattern is unexpected or unacceptable...Um, unless you work in the Houston Texans front office.

No, they'd rather have a guy in Mario Williams who will go a 1/2 of a football game with 1 assisted tackle and not much else.

But, like I said, it's early. I'm sure things will even out...and Texan fans are known for their patience.

Hey, if they were really smart, they would've taken Vince Young.


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