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Monday, September 25, 2006

Greg Davis Update

It's always a fun pastime for us Longhorns to find something to bash after a win. Greg Davis is always a popular target. And I am a noted Greg Davis Critic (after a game, with a couple of pops in me, there is a more descriptive name: "Charter Member of the firegregdavis.com fan club"). That, my friend, is the perfect confluence of conditions for a post ripping him for "only" scoring 37 points against "some team from Iowa".

Well, not today my friends.

First, this is not your father's ISU. They have one of the best QB/Receiver combinations in the conference in Bret Meyer and Todd Blythe. You might not remember their names, but aggy sure does. Blythe had 4 touchdown catches and 200+ yds against A&M in their 42-14 win last year. That shouldn't mean anything to the offensive production, but the point is that this wasn't a normal conference tomato can that we could expect to roll up 50 pts and "tolerate" a lucky touchdown.

Second, this is not your older brother's Longhorn offense. VY is gone...and with him, gone are the days of your random 2nd and 6 Zone Read play going 40+ yds on a QB keeper. That's not a rip on Greg Davis or Colt McCoy...its just a fact. Newsflash Longhorn fans: We now have a mere mortal at quarterback. A freshman mortal at that.

Third, the typical charges against Greg Davis don't apply at this point. For reasons detailed in other posts, the Ohio State game can't really be chalked up to Davis. And other than that one, there have been no big games for him to choke on yet. In the games that we have played, he's kept it relatively conservative...run to set up the pass...give McCoy some easy throws to cut his teeth on...ride your O-Line to gain some game- and season-momentum.

HOWEVER...do NOT let this be read to seek the official release of Greg Davis from probabation just yet. I need more proof before the ankle-monitor of public opinion is removed.

Stats can and do lie. GD apologists, don't get in my face with avg-points-per-game, winning percentage, avg yardage totals, etc. With our typical schedule, "averaging" the stats from games against double-directional colleges skews the numbers against from games when we "pick on somebody our own size", such as games against ranked opponents (top 10) and bowl games.

Against all ranked opponents, GD is 21-15 at Texas, with a scoring average of 27 ppg. Not bad, you say? Well, that includes the likes of #24 Tech, #19 Okie St., #24 Colorado...you know...good teams who may be having a cup of coffee in the Polls, but not national powers by any stretch. When you include only top 10 teams, the average drops to 21. Clearly lower, but still respectable. Now, let's see how much Superman had to do with it. Taking out 2004 and 2005 to account for Vince Young's production, the ppg drops to 18.6. Oooh...that's not bad, but also not exactly a bullet-point for a supposed offensive genius.

But its all about wins and losses, right? OK, let's go back to the big picture: Greg Davis' record against top10 teams, since 1998, without Vince Young: 3-10. Look it up.

So, again...I'm not jumping on the "Greg Davis for President" bandwagon just yet...nor am I jumping back on the "Greg Davis Sucks" bandwagon. I'm saying that, although he's not the offensive genius that some people try to make him out to be, he did a good job handling his quarterbacks in the past few years, and seems to be doing the same this year. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt from Longhorn fans.

(Check back with me after OU...)


Blogger Scott Boswell said...

The problem with Greg Davis may not even be a problem. I don't understand the need for Colt to come out of the zone read offense like VY did. Colt, while somewhat of a running threat, gets rid of the ball a half second before it is snapped. I wish they had a stat for east/west passes to forward passes to back up my claim.

But, what if this isn't Davis? What if it is the fact that Colt has not shown the ability to make those kind of throws? (Despite the .45 for an arm) In all 4 games, he has thrown into double and triple coverage and has gotten bailed out. (By a catch or a knockdown to avoid the INT) That, and 10 GB of porn, is what keeps me up at night. What if GD is the scapegoat for a QB that is struggling the same way Superman struggled?

It's the attitude that has killed the Horn faithful. We rode around in a Bentley. This Tercel, with sparatic engine problems, doesn't even compare.

And we know it.

2:22 PM  
Blogger J D Allen said...

I don't know about you, but I'm still adjusting in year 1 AV. After all, I watch these games, see a fourth-and-30 and wonder why in the hell we are punting.

10:01 PM  

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