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Saturday, November 11, 2006

F*CK. Just....F*CK

I know this is supposed to be a family show, but geez....

The Longhorns not repeating as National Champions shouldn't really surprise anyone...but then, it's all about perspective now isn't it?

Prior to the 1st game, no one but the most orange of sunshine pumpers was realistically picking the Horns to repeat. Yes, there were the the rationalizations of "well, IF this happens, and THAT happens, and the stars align in such-and-such way...", THEN and ONLY then could we repeat.

Well, fast forward to the middle of the season. All of the if's and then's were falling into place...the defense was giving up some big plays, but the Staff was making some good adjustments. The Big 12 was down. Hell, even OU helped us out by dismissing it's starting QB, just to give us an easier road.

But one thing was working out in a way that no one heretofore had considered. Our quarterback was actually GOOD. He wasn't the caretaker that everyone thought he'd be. He was not a weak spot to be compensated for. Nay, he was instead a great game manager, a great decision maker, and a definite playmaker. What he trails VY in raw skills, he recovers in mystique. Our redshirt freshman quarterback turned out to be a LEADER.

All of a sudden, in a season where "winning big" (BCS bowl, much less NC) would be gravy, and we were all really just hoping not to embarrass ourselves while our kids got themselves some seasoning in preparation for our next REAL championship run in 2007-8...instead we were seriously counting up Strength of Schedule calculations, hoping that the right teams lost by the right margins, and scolding our Big 12 conference-mates for not being good enough to help us out.

That made the results of today that much more painful.

Colt McCoy had showed us his magic. 21 point come from behind victory...vanquishing OU...making plays with his arm, legs and head...AND did you hear that he once saved a guy's life?

Given all that, the story started out as usual...Colt was supposed to lead the opening drive...he was supposed to get hurt...he was supposed to leave the game...we were supposed to fall behind. But then he got off the script a little bit. Colt was supposed to glance mournfully at the crowd in the 4th qtr....shift his gaze toward the scoreboard as is comes into focus...his expression changes to anger and grit...he yanks his helmet back from Mack and says "I'm going out to win this thing, coach". And then he does. But in the REAL world...Colt really is mortal...his injury keeps him out of the game...Jevan (like Kevin, not "Je-VON" like the fricking ESPN announcers all night) looked like Colt did against tOSU, and didn't get any help from his receivers...aaaaaand we lost.

The end is the same: an end of the season that, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter. But with the 1st draft of a new national championship legend now laying crumpled next the the wastebasket, it sure feels different than I thought it would.


Blogger Scott Boswell said...

I'd also like to add that it is Quan COSBY...not "CROSBY". At least the "losing my voice" TBS guy could pronounce it correctly.

Jevan makes bad throws, I point at him. Jevan, or COSBY, makes a good throw...we don't hang on to the ball.

No, this one is one the defense. The fabled "better than last year" gang that mericifully had K-State not execute on a few plays.

Thankfully we have Fran's ragtags up next. Well, be careful what you wish for...

10:04 PM  
Blogger Jason Patlan said...

At least they've finally learned Robison has only 1 'N' in it, and is not related to the Swiss family.

Get it? Get it?...

9:00 PM  

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