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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Message of A-Rod

So we've heard the reports and admission of Alex Rodriguez regarding his use of performance enhancing drugs. We've also heard President Obama state he hopes the message is clear that you cannot take shortcuts without tarnishing your legacy.

However, that is not the message that will be or needs to be sent. A-Rod will not be punished. He'll continue to get his tens of millions per year. He'll be an All Star. And he'll get voted into the Hall of Fame because he was honest about it when he got caught and didn't commit perjury like perhaps Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens did.

The message is the same one underprivileged children whose parents have worked hard without escaping the 'hood have heard for a long time: "Why work hard for nothing when we can take shortcuts for riches, especially when the cost is small?" It is the message heard by young people who turned to gangs and drug dealing because of the fast bucks to be made. It will be the message herd by many a young person wanting to get rich playing a game as well until there is incentive to mchoose another path.

The sports world is a microcosm of the larger world. Through the continuing steriods scandal it is clear how enticing the temptation can be. And it will continue to be as long as the drug makers stay out in front of the testing. And this will also continue on a larger scale until our life as a people begins to resemble that of one community which bridges the gap between rich and poor while looking out for and providing for one another so all an find a valuable lifestyle without shortcuts instead of the culture of greed, blame-shifting, and scapegoating that justifies greed in the face of poverty.

Monday, February 09, 2009

New Guy In SEC Country

Lane Kiffin was hired by Tennessee. Quickly hired assistants away from rivals to help himself snake recruits away from teams like Alabama and Florida. Accuses Florida's Urban Meyer of recruiting violations. Now, Tennessee has self-reported minor violations committed by Kiffin.

Has there ever been a quicker study on life in the SEC?

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