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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Putting a "Ring" in Transferring

Upon announcing that he will not return with the Longhorns next season, former running back Ramonce Taylor had this to say: “Frederick Douglass once said, 'No struggle, no progress.' I've had my share of struggles and now it's time for progress.”

Perhaps Taylor should have attended class more often.

Douglass’ essay, ‘No Struggle, No Progress’, embodies the oppressions that African-American people endured in a time where the country was divided on their civil rights. Sorry Ramonce, but blowing a chance to earn a top notch education, and potentially millions of dollars, because you could not stay out of trouble does not parallell with the hardships that were imposed during slavery.

Maybe his interpretation of the Cliff's Notes differs from mine.

Taylor made progress as a player, but has constantly struggled as an individual. In September of 2005, Taylor was detained and released for an aggravated assault with a semi-automatic weapon. A few weeks before the Rose Bowl, Taylor was questioned for assault and attempted robbery. In the latest string of unfortunate events, Taylor was caught with several pounds of marijuana in a car registered under his name after a complaint was issued for disorderly conduct.

Taylor's "oppression" has been self-inflicted. His frequent bed and breakfasts on the tax payer's dime leaves no one to blame but himself. Hopefully, this talented young star can put his life back on track. Otherwise, he may soon find himself permantly wearing a different shade of Texas orange.


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