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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

E-very S-portscenter P-rovides N-othing...

If that $750,000 house in California didn’t work out for the Bush family, perhaps they can move into Reggie’s adoptive home in Bristol, Connecticut.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Reggie Bush is a phenomenal athlete. But, seriously ESPN…when’s it going to stop? Did we not learn anything from our “2005 USC vs. Germany in WWII” series? Like my cohort Patlan, I was impressed with Bush’s 42 yard scamper against the Titans in the Saint’s first preseason game. However, the operative words in that sentence are “preseason” and “Titans”. If he can prance by Ray Lewis in the 4th quarter when his team is down by 7, that’s something. Burning one of last year’s lowest rated defenses in their first real action hardly merits legendary status.

Enter in last night’s game against the Cowboys.

Bush gained 7 more yards rushing than I did sitting at home drinking a beer. He had 14 more yards receiving on 2 catches. Yet, despite a 30-7 loss, Bush was the talk of Sportscenter. Terry Glenn’s outstanding TD catch was glossed over. Romo’s beautiful pass in stride was swept under the rug. Instead we were treated to a 5 minute analysis of cuts Bush made to gain an extra few yards.

Imagine what the story will be when he actually has a good game.

Bush has been ordained the next Barry Sanders the same way Keith Van Horn was dubbed as the next Larry Bird. (And every good white basketball player for that matter…) But, at the end of the day, ESPN is missing the X factor: Bush is still a member of the Saints. He has to overcome a rookie head coach, weak offense line and another playmaker in Deuce McAllister. He has to play in a city hampered by severe economical conditions where 1 in 3 people no longer reside. Much like Sanders endured in Detroit, Bush has relatively no talent around him. Joe Horn is an asset, but how durable is Drew Brees after his surgery? Too many questions surround the New Orleans franchise to christen Bush as “El Presidente” at the NFL level.

On a related note, the Cowboys showed me flashes of brilliance last night. The O-line looked solid and Greg Ellis was a beast. I don’t even need to mention the playmaking abilities of Glenn. For a preseason game, the Cowboys came out of the tunnel very inspired. All of this despite the absence of #81.

I’ll admit it. I was wrong.


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