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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Inside J. D.'s Head

Denis Leary Tells Mel Gibson To Shove It

This is just a great video of Denis Leary and his Rescue Me co-starLenny Clarke taking a comedic jab at Mel Gibson and his Anti-Semitic remarks when stopped in CA for drunk driving.

But consider: what if Mel is right? What if there is just something in alcohol that could turn even the most politically correct person into an Anti-Semite? Here's the top ten things drunken sports fans might blame on the Jews:

10) The Dolphins never winning a Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson or Dave Wannstedt as coach- Let's face it. When your quarterback, Jay Fielder, prays to Yahweh instead of Jesus like the athletes on the winning team always apparently do, your team must be in trouble. Just ask Terrell Owens. (Although, God evidently doesn't work much on hamstrings.)

9) The Bills losing four straight Super Bowls- Marv Levy is kosher, My Man.

8) You know Knicks fans are cursing Larry Brown right now- You can hear the drunken New Yorkers , "Jews cause the downfall of all once great franchises." Funny, though, I wasn't aware Isaiah Thomas was Jewish, though his first name is.

7) Dodgers lose Game One of the 1965 World Series- This is where we take time out from the bit to honor the great Sandy Koufax. This game fell on Yom Kippur and he stood by his religious conviction and refused to pitch. The Dodgers actually found themselves down 2-0 in the series before they rallied and Koufax got the win in Game Seven over the Twins. Can you believe it? The Dodgers win the series after losing the first two games with Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax on the mound.

6) Violence in sports- It's a natural progression from Greg Easterbrook's, of Tuesday Morning Quarterback fame, claim that Jews are responsible for the glorification of violence in movies. Though, I think he was sober at the time he wrote that nugget of wisdom.

5) The methodical loss of smash mouth football- Sid Gillman, head coach of the San Diego Chargers, made the forward pass and finesse popular in the NFL. He laid the foundation for the Chargers Air Coryell years and the pass happy, run deprived West Coast offense.

4) Iowa State's failure to win the Big 12 Championship- Hey if alcohol makes you an Anti-Semite, watch out Sage Rosenfels.

3) The Chicago Black Sox- Just pay attention to Mel. The Passion of the Christ. All the wars in the world. The Jews are behind the great conspiracies.

2) Mavs lose 2006 NBA Finals after leading 2-0-To hear the mainstream media tell it, it was Mark Cuban's behavior behind the Mavs' bench, and not the failure to slow down Dwayne Wade, that cost them the NBA Championship.

1) Mavs lose 2006 NBA Finals after leading 2-0- Remember, we here at the Powerhouse are all about Dallas Sports and David Stern clearly made sure the refs prevented the Mavs from winning the NBA Finals. The last thing Stern wanted to do is hand that trophy to Mark Cuban.

With all the above, if Mel is right, I suggest we watch how much we drink.


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