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Friday, August 18, 2006

Rangers Nearly Buried at Level Two

The Rangers threw more dirt on top of themselves in Dig Dug level two and yet are on the verge of making a move.

Game one against the Angels had the makings of a good night in the early going. The Angels were starting their final series of a ten game road trip. The offense had scored six runs off Ervin Santana early. It looked like the Rangers grab second place from the Angels and train their sights on Oakland.

Then came the Vicente Padilla meltdown. Frustrated by Ranger killer Vladimir Guerrero, Padilla plunks him in the fourth inning. Then he gets crazy and beans Juan Rivera, who Adam Eaton had thrown behind ten days earlier.

Padilla was ejected and the Rangers bullpen fell apart. Thankfully, Eaton went seven strong the next day in the fight marred contest to get a much needed win and hit the road tied for second.

And somehow, the Rangers are halfway through the series with Detroit and have picked up a game and a half on the A's who were swept in a double header with the Royals. The Rangers lost game one leaving innumerable runners on base while Edinson Volquez pitched like a rookie. But Millwood followed with his most clutch performance of the year and Otsuka saved the day after almost blowing his fourth save of the year.

But the deck is stacked against this team going into level three with Padilla suspended and Kip Wells on the DL. This means a rookie, John Koronka, and a second-year pitcher, Robinson Tejeda, take the mound against the AL's best this weekend. There's still a chance the Rangers can make some noise in the next month, but it's remote. Besides, the Rangers have stumbled back into level two trailing the Angels who are at home against Seattle.

Level three is next weekend. We'll talk again then.


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