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Monday, August 21, 2006

Texas A&M: At Least They Have the 90's


As a University of Texas alumn, I am predestined to cultivate a hatred towards all that is Oklahoma. (Sorry Arkansas, you were a bit before my time) The mobile homes per capita alone is enough to make their entire state the butt of a joke. One of the biggest misconceptions in college football today is that Texas A&M is Texas’ true rival. I admit, the Aggies provide a bitter feud over inter-state domination every few decades, but they are hardly a rival in the sense that my blood boils at the very thought of their existence.

However, any Aggie will tell you differently.

Never has a school been so preoccupied with it’s counterpart that they have built an empire out of spite. From whooping in church to “beating the hell outta t.u.” (Cute btw…), the Aggies have made a career out of the dillusion that they are one of the nation’s elite programs. In reality, they have only had 2 decades since their 1939 National Championship where the total of their winning seasons eclipsed their losing seasons.

To put an end to the conversation, I am pitting Mack Brown’s 8-year tenure as Texas’ head coach versus 111 years of Texas A&M football.

National Championships:
Mack Brown: 1; A&M: 1 (1939)

Bowl Wins:
MB: 5; A&M: 13 (2001 Galleryfurniture.com Bowl vs. TCU, most recent)

10+ Win Seasons:
MB: 5; A&M: 11

Consecutive 9+ Win Seasons
MB: 8*; A&M: 6 (1990-95, Slocum)

Consecutive 10+ Win Seasons:
MB: 5*; A&M: 4 (1991-94, Slocum)

Top 5 Finishes
MB: 3 (2001, 2004, 2005), A&M: 2 (1939, 1956)

First Round Draft Picks:
MB: 11; A&M: 26

Top 10 NFL draft picks:
MB: 7; A&M: 12 (Adams most recent, 1994)

Top 5 NFL Draft Picks:
MB: 5; A&M: 7 (Coryatt most recent, 1992)

Heisman Winners:
MB: 1; A&M: 1 (John David Crow, 1957)

Heisman Runner-Ups:
MB: 1; A&M: 1 (John Kimbrough, 1940)

Doak Walker Awards:
MB: 2; A&M: 0

Maxwell Awards:
MB: 2; A&M: 0

Davey O’Brien Awards:
MB: 1; A&M: 0

Thorpe Awards:
MB: 1; A&M: 0

Butkis Awards:
MB: 1; A&M: 0

Any questions?

(Credit to an Orangebloods.com poster for the idea)


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