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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TO'd ya so...

I think that TO should be reprimanded for wearing that Discovery Jersey last week. I mean, the Tour de France participants don’t even spend that much time on a bike...

What were you expecting?

Dallas has a history of nursing the misunderstood players. Deion “Primetime” Sanders and Keshawn “Deactivated” Johnson are examples of this. However, these players understood the priviledge of wearing the Star on your helmet. They understood that we expect more in Dallas. Apparently, Rosenhaus forgot to pass on the memo.

TO was out of place in San Francisco. Philadelphia was top dog in a weak NFC division. TO was an excellent piece to the puzzle to get them over the hump and finally reach the Super Bowl. But, the Cowboys aren’t “one guy away”. Hell, we’re just trying to win a Wild Card spot these days.

This is the reason why I have temporarily put my loyalty on hold for the Cowboys. Seeing Jerry Jones is like being faced with a family member with a crack addiction: As much as you want to help and support you know that they are killing themselves. When TO leaves, and they go into rehab, I’ll start speaking to them again. Super Bowl or no.

No friends, I have traded my Cowboy Blue for the baby blue of the Titans. And, if all goes to plan, Billy Volek will drop like Nancy Kerrigan sometime this week. It's been arranged.

Seriously, watching Billy Volek trot in is like pushing spinach around you plate to make it look like you ate it just so your mom will give you dessert.


Blogger Jason Patlan said...

Don't be a (deleted overused term "hata", which is rapidly going the way of "talk to the hand" and "don't go there") person-who-doesn't-like-another-person-(especially a famous person)-due-to-their-checked-past-and-arrogance.

Let's stipulate (for the sake of argument) that TO is a big arrogant jerk. How does that impact you personally? Only to the extent that it affects the Cowboys record, right? That is exactly why I don't care if he's a jerk, as long as he can play. And BOY does he play.

That is not to condone any criminal activity, because that is a moral issue. Being an arrogant jerk doesn't NECESSARILY make a person immoral.

And it certainly shouldn't effect your loyalty to your Cowboys. If Jones starts looking past transgressions, then maybe. But not just for giving a "questionable" guy another chance.

I, for one, trust Jerry to keep a handle on this guy...via Parcells, of course.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

Let me ask you this: Was Mack Brown wrong for dismissing Ramonce Taylor off the team for his legal issues? He had no obligation to do so and I think that there is no question that Taylor can play.

But, it's the perception that keeping him on the team gives. Troy Smith accepted $ from a booster and was suspended for 1 game against a non-conference tune up. AD didn't show up for class an entire semester as a student athlete and had to miss 2 series against a cream puff.

The same ideal transfers here. This is the Dallas Cowboys. America's team. 5 time Super Bowl Champs. There is no question that TO can play. But, we don't need anyone like TO tainitng the outward perception of our organization. I find it interesting that Michael Irvin was chastized immensly for his off the field antics but TO, despite never playing a down for us, is given a free pass.

As the old wive's saying goes "Once a cheater, always a cheater". I'll see you in 3 months where I expect a full apology :)

9:20 AM  
Blogger Jason Patlan said...

RE: Ramonce - I don't know what all or what else they had on him, but I would not have cut him for a little weed. If it was felony distribution or something, maybe...but they are kids. But then it becomes about where to draw the line, so that's a judgement call that can only be made by the coach. I just disagree with any kind of Zero Tolerance program...especially for college kids. Again, not advocating "no consequences"...just not "one strike and you're out".

RE: TO...Because of his talent, you take that risk. I think the fact that Dallas WAS NOT just 1 player away was a factor in FAVOR of doing the deal. Less to lose. If he comes in here and is a cancer...all he's done is ruin a 9-7, non-playoff team. It could be argued that Philly, who was supposedly 1 player away, had a superbowl win at stake in signing this particular cancer.

Besides, who's ever accused him of cheating or being immoral? I thought he was just a jerk. I knew spares on my high school football team who were arrogant jock jerks...should it surprise you to see a little arrogance in the best player at the most arrogant position in the most arrogant game in the most arrogant country in the world?

2:29 PM  

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