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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fran Wars: A New Hope...and Letdown


Shiver the timbers outta a&m...arggggg!

In all seriousness, this was a well fought game by both sides. While we rag on Texas Tech for picking up the scraps of the Texas recruiting pool, Joseph Filani has proven that he would start at any Div-1 program. Hats off to the Pirates...er...Red Raiders, for stealing a win in hostile territory.

But, the more interesting story is the state of the Texas A&M football program.

I love Dennis Franchione. He is living a dream of most men in America: Get paid 2 million dollars a year to stand on a college football sideline and just watch. If the NCAA wasn't so strict on letting him have a fresh beer, he would have it made. With this latest blunder, he has improved his record to 1-9 versus division foes Tech, Oklahoma and Texas. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is his quote upon being hired at College Station: "I'm coming here for a lot of reasons. Tradition and history are certainly a part of that. It's been 21 years, I believe, since Texas A&M has had a losing season. That's exciting to me because it's my first time to take one over that has a foundation in place and is not coming off a losing season. That's a nice way to get started and I'm certainly ready for that."

You've done a Frantastic job thus far Dennis. You give the 12th man hope and then keep taking it away. For the hilarity that ensues, I salute you.

But, in all fairness, the coach does not bear all of the blame. The alleged savior of the Aggies, Stephen McGee, was 9 of 20 passing for 89 yards. To break this down further, 35 of these yards came on one play. I know that we were spoiled with Vince Young, but this doesn't look all that impressive. If you are going to be the future of Texas A&M, like Randy McCown, Mark Farris, Dustin Long, and Reggie McNeil, you have to put up better numbers. You cannot rely on Jovorski "The Hut" Lane or Courtney Lewis to be all of your offensive. You will get absolutely slaughtered against run defenses that surpass Tech's. I hear that there might be a few in the Big 12.

But, perhaps hindsight is 31/27.

This game was just plain nuts.

What aggie joke could be as funny as live TV coverage of actual aggies? Aggie #3 looks like he's a 2%er.

So, grab the junk and sing it with me now: Pooooooor...aggies!

And sleep well Cowboys. Daddy's coming home tomorrow.



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