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Monday, September 11, 2006

How 'bout dem Cowboys?

Terrell Owens, meet George Teague

Earlier this season I stated on the record that I will not root for the Cowboys while #81 is a member of this franchise. I stand by this commitment. So, in a disgusting way, I am somewhat happy for the loss. But, the fact that #81 looked good does not sit well with me. The fact that he was the brightest spot of a miserable game is almost unbearable. I know that I am a blasphemer for abandoning the silver and blue, but he committed a cardinal sin in the church of Texas Stadium while playing for a rival. Jerry Jones, in a desperate attempt to bring Dallas back to the glory years, signed a deal with the devil.

It appears that I am in the small minority of people that bothered to read Dr. Faustus. According to Mr. Cliff Notes, it isn't going to end well.

#81 aside, there were few things to cheer about. The penalties were hurtful, the O-line continued to get exposed and once again they cannot seem to put the little ball through the big goal posts. Even the first round draft pick didn't bother to catch the flight for this one. In fact, I was walking into my office today and out of nowhere Drew Bledsoe threw me an interception. But, upon further review, the ball hit the ground and I was charged a timeout.

Although, I did chuckle a bit when #81 insinuated that this loss should be solely be pegged on Drew Bledsoe. Operation: NO T.O. has begun...


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