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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Skating with the Stars

As the weather grows colder in the Dallas prairie, the ability to wear sequined jorts and net shirts has all but dwindled. Yes, this is the time of year that 1 out of every 1000 Dallasites anxiously anticipates: the start of the Dallas Stars' Stanley Cup campaign.

Say goodbye to perennial disappointment Bill Guerin and hello to man-child Eric Lindross. Put out a fresh sheet of ice for Mike Modano as he skates on to his 40th consecutive season. Welcome back the Canadian hairstyling of color commentator Daryl "Quaker Oats" Reaugh and his sidekick, "Little B*tch". But, in a city of what have you done for me lately, the Dallas Stars may be all we've got.

Take a look at the alternatives.

The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since Troy Aikman started peddling Fords, bricks and chicken wings. The Mavericks squandered the golden opportunity of an injury depleted conference only to have their downtown Dallas parade route rained upon. And the Rangers celebrated their 200th ticket sale this last weekend which more than likely gave Tom Hicks a profit from of all the money he's saving on pitching. Yet, these are the big three of the Dallas sports world.

The Dallas Stars are at least consistent. This is a team that has had 1 season out of the past 9 where they did not qualify for the playoffs by the slimmest of margins. In this time frame, they have won a Stanley Cup, faced elimination in the finals and have instituted a big time sport in a region where ice was usually found at the local McDonalds. With all the wrasslin', mullets and fashion faux pas, it is hard to comprehend why hockey isn't a bigger deal in the south. Perhaps they should give the zamboni a Hemi and the driver a point total?

This will be a critical year for the Stars. The lockout of 2 seasons ago has turned even the most faithful sour. The institution of a shoot-out has made the hockey purists cringe. The Stars need to go out and remind their fans why they pay $30 to touch the American Airlines Center's rafters. So, here's to a successful season opener Dallas Stars: The most successful team that no one cares about.


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