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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Did Brown Do For U...T?

I will tell you what Brown did. Not Tarell Brown mind you. Mack Brown. He instilled a sense of integrity in the University of Texas program.

I have to admit. I doubted he would so. A huge game this Saturday against Ohio State. There's no way he takes a bold step by suspending the two players who just got arrested. What? When there's the fall back line, "Well, this America. Innocent until proven guilty and they haven't been convicted yet."?

No, that's the line of Bob Stoops. Kept Bomar around with a slap of the wrist until he broke NCAA rules. That's the line of Philip Fulmer, who coaches at a penitentary on Rocky Top. The line of Gary Barnett. (Does that require additional description?)

I'm serious. I was at work today planning what to write dissenting Brown's decision to let the players play. Just knew he would. A national title defense was on the line after all.

But he manned up. This isn't Ced Benson sitting out the Baylor game. This isn't the perhaps very questionable decision to let Cedric Griffin and Ramonce Taylor play in the Rose Bowl this past January, knowing you still have Vince Young on the field. This is risking the end of your season as it's just getting started.

But it seems Mack knew he had a growing problem on his hands and had to show his players this kind of behavior is intolerable. Seems the players didn't quite get it with the ouster of Ramonce. Perhaps, because Mack let him leave somewhat graciously. After all, the guy was the author of fifteen touchdowns in 2005 and one of only three players in 2004 to have a pass, rush, and reception of more than 30 yards. The other two: Vince Young and Reggie Bush.

And this isn't about whose pot it is or was. Or who owned the gun. It's just too convenient for Aaron Harris to take the fall. No threat of suspension for him and maybe nothing more than probation if convicted. This is about telling the players that not just wrong behavior is unacceptable, but so is wreckless behavior. Brown and Tyrell Gatewood have a team counting on them and to even put yourself in a situation like this, even if it wasn't their fault, is a punishable offense for stupidity.

So major props to Mack for stepping up and laying down the law when it could hurt his team on the field the most. Now he needs a starting corner. Do you think Chuck Norris has any eligibility left?


Blogger Scott Boswell said...

I love Mack. He is a great guy and a hell of a recruiter. He is slightly better than adequate as a coach. Let’s not forget that Texas has had a top 5 recruiting class the past 6 years. Yet, with all that talent, he only won anything of significance with a freak of nature at the helms to bail him out. Why didn’t we win the Big 12 with Roy Williams, Nathan Vasher, Cedric Benson, Chris Simms or any other 5 star recruit? I understand that Oklahoma was good, but why with all that talent were we getting blown out or dropping games to the likes of UCLA, Arkansas, Texas Tech, etc.?

This is a gut-check year for Brown. With a skin on his wall, he has earned a decade of a safety net. But, there is absolutely zero reason why we shouldn’t win 2-3 Big 12 titles in that time frame.

8:25 AM  

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