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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Camp Titans

Well, it's finally over. By finally, I mean that I passed my first test of not waivering on my commitment to root against my childhood heroes. I also mean that the clock has finally run out...and the Cowboys can't score again.

Since JD, or the other guy who sometimes posts, will give you a Cowboys recap, here are the thoughts of a Titans fan.

Vince Young: He looked like a tremendous athlete making his first start in the NFL. For every great jaw dropping pass he threw, he fluttered another that could have just as easily been intercepted. (And 2 were) He showed his patented elusiveness when under pressure, but he needs to do a better job holding on to the ball when making plays. Overall, I was impressed with his ability to keep his composure and attempt to fire up the crowd while the Titans' defense was on the field. Once he gets more comfortable with the speed adjustment, I think that he can really do some damage.

However, if he is going to be thrust into the starting role, he needs to mature quickly. I remember a whole lot of Cowboys fans calling for Troy Aikman's head after his inaugural 1-15 season. Young is a competitor, but the fans will not coddle him in the same manner he grew accustomed to at the University of Texas. With expectations so high, every single move is under a microscope.

Just ask Chris Simms.

Running: Lendale White looked surprisingly good. It feels very strange to cheer him on considering that lost my voice when he was stopped on 4th and 2 just 9 months ago. Chris Brown reminded me of a 65 year-old man pushing a shopping cart around. No mobility what so ever. Young had a few great runs, but had just as many negative yards by trying to do too much. Unfortunately, they have the misfortune of trying to break through a bad offensive line.

Defense: If Julius Jones was a Heisman contender, the Titan defense would have helped him pad his stats. The fact that 3 different Cowboys running backs scored a rushing touchdown pretty much says it all. Terry Glenn, and even Terrell Owens, torched the secondary. It was a very "pick your poison" effort. That classless stomp by Albert Haynesworth on Andre Gurode's face was totally uncalled for and completely gutless. Hopefully, Jeff Fisher will take action beyond the fine/suspension given from the NFL.

Overall, I was under whelmed by this effort. Through 3 quarters, I was ready to state that Young could have carried this team if the Titan defense would have stepped it up. But, Young started showing signs of his greenness towards the end of the game. This Titans team needs to set small goals in order to progress. Winning more than six games, however, is pretty lofty.


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