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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Child Erupts

I have been supportive of T.O. I believe in grace and second chances. I believe, up until yesterday, the media was making a story out of T.O's sideline demeanor and postgame comments that wasn't there. Sure, he expressed some criticism of coaches and the quarterback.

But it is not the story because it was only half the story. The sports talking heads, like arrogant political pundits, chose the part of the facts that fit the story they were trying to tell. They ignored his criticism of himself and his encouragement of his teammates during last Sunday's game.

But the latest episode is a story simply because we know this is Owens' history: getting sideways with coaches. He is now showing his true stripes and can no longer complain about the media's coverage, because now they have a legitimate reason to pile on him.

I still say, though, that players like this are sometimes needed for championship dreams to be fulfilled. Where would the 80's Pistons have been without Dennis Rodman. Or, as great as Michael Jordan was, where would the Bulls have been after MJ's comeback without The Worm.

But T.O. has to earn his spot now. He has underacheived thus far this year. If he is to have value as a malcontent, he better perform.

As for those who say they won't cheer for the Cowboys as long as he's on the team, I would simply ask how many of those championships in the 90's do you claim? That was no cast of saints.

And T.O., you obviously still haven't gotten your work week act together. So the game day act better improve dramatically.


Blogger Scott Boswell said...

Apples and oranges my friend.

The Cowboys dissention of the 90's was because of OFF the field problems. In the locker room, Michael Irvin was the team leader. (As noted at Troy Aikman's HoF speech) Irvin certainly had his demons from a moral and legal aspect. But, he showed up on Sundays and didn't complain. He was a team guy.

This T.O. clown could care less about any team aspect so long as the money, and media attention, is thrown his way. The man makes "Rod Tidwell" look like a choir boy. He isn't even the best WR on his own team.

What happens after the inevitable fallout comes? Parcells leaves, T.O. is gone and you are stuck with Gino Toretta leading the Boys to another decade of mediocrity. It's gonna happen.

10:55 AM  

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