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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Despite Greg Davis, Texas Masters the Cornhole

So a Texas victory that almost wasn't and you have to ask why. There's Greg Johnson, valiantly trying, and failing, to be one of a very few people who can both place kick and punt. (Seriously, there'd be a lot more roster and scholarship flexibility if these specialist spares weren't so "specialized.") There's the hole in the passing defense. There's the very creative and daring play calling of former NFL Super Bowl coach Bill Callahan.

But, really, let's go right to the source. It's someone I defended after the loss to Ohio State, a game played with a quarterback in just his second game. But this was game number eight for Colt McCoy and Greg Davis was still running scared.

I was watching this frustrating game plan and lost count of the number of wide receiver screens by halftime. Nothing downfield but a highly successful 55-yard touchdown pass to Limas Sweed and a complete failure to attempt to establish the running game. I mean, maybe I've lost my touch with football, but when did the WR Screen become an offensive staple? I've seen it used occasionally and strategically, but never treated as the bread and butter of an offense.

And it failed miserably. Texas struggled mightily to move the football even though it must have averaged a sizeable 1.5 yards per WR Screen. If not for Nebraska turnovers and special teams miscues, this game goes for Nebraska without much of a fight.

And, as if the 1-and-done approach to passing wasn't enough, Davis never went to the option. You know, the play the coaches have stated publicly that McCoy runs better than Vince "Superman" Young.

And the Longhorns were beat. A single first down and the Cornhuskers could run out the clock in the cornhole and celebrate their upset. Only Aaron Ross swooped in as Nebraska converted the would-be clinching third-and-four to force a fumble and allow the Horns a chance at the game winning field goal. And the offensive coordinator tried to screw that up with a third down fade route inside the five yard line. So, despite the win, Greg Davis failed. Despite Greg Davis, the Horns mastered the stadium I have dubbed the cornhole. (Huh,huh...he said hole.)

Here's hoping Mack Brown lays into Davis this week and reminds him to open up the offense. Here's hoping Brown doesn't have the same apparent mistrust of McCoy that Davis has. We know he doesn't the big arm. Or the quickest feet. But he's done the job. Hell, he seems to view a pass rush as nothing but a challenge. So they need to show the kid some faith.

And if you don't have faith in Colt, then get him out. Put in Snead and find out what he can do surrounded by blue chip talent. No knock on Colt. But if the coaches aren't going to put him in a position to succeed, then quit wasting our time.

Because, if the coaches go to Lubbock with that same lame ass game plan, then Texas' BCS plans are toast.


Blogger Jason Patlan said...

Ooooh...that was...unfortunate.


7:29 AM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

Wow...common sense, I'd like to reintroduce JD.

Good post. Welcome back to the club brotha :)

9:35 PM  

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