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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Quarterback...Same Results

Well, a new era may have begun in Dallas last night. The Tony Romo era. A night that will live in history...er...infamy.

You have to ask yourself if Bill Parcells, a coach who loves experienced quarterbacks, had any choice. After all, this script was reading like those we've read before. Drew makes some throws. Gets sacked. Takes some hits. Next, he holds the ball way too long. Next, he throws an interception that costs his team a score, results in the other team's score, or both.

You know what Bledsoe is, he isn't going to get you where you want to go, so you have to make the change even if it's at the risk of taking a step back. Even if Romo turns out to be no Eli Manning, we know Bledsoe is pretty close to Kurt Warner.

And that's not to trash Bledsoe. He's an excellent guy. Works hard. Family man. Just not what the Cowboys really need right now.

And as alluded to earlier, Romo was bad. Three INT's. This included his first pass of the night as well as one inside the Giant's 10 returned for a score, ala Bledsoe. One was, perhaps, not his fault since it got tipped at the line, but there were two other nice passes that were awfully iffy.

Romo had rebounded from the first INT. Romo had moved the Cowboys into striking distance to try and get within a score of the Giants. Then, on 4th-and-2, T.O let him down dropping a pass giving NY the ball. The Giants drove down the field against the Cowboys suddenly porous defense to milk most of the third quarter and get the touchdown for a 26-7 lead.

I think that proved too much for Romo in his first real action of his career. He led the Cowboys to a touchdon on the followiing drive, but time and the Giants D pressured him into the kinds of mistakes inexperienced QB's and Drew Bledsoe make. But, being his first real action, we don't yet know what we have in Romo. We do in Bledsoe and that's why, for now, you stick with the kid.

Because, with Romo in, the O-Line has some room for error. With Romo, Jason Witten and Patrick Crayton became part of the offense again. With Romo, this was at least a fun team to watch. So give him a week of practice preparing as the starter. Maybe two. Maybe three. As long as you like. Because if the team is going to be mediocre, it may as well be fun to watch.


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