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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Shocker


I'm going to get all philosophical today.

I read a headline in the newspaper about police having a 300% increase in prostitution arrests through organized stings Dallas has staged all over the city. Female officers are posing as streetwalkers to solicit "Johns" and arrest them after they have agreed to exchange money for sex.

Yeah Scott, but this is a sports blog. What does this have to do with sports?

Everything my friend.

An avid sports fan will spend countless hours scouring the internet for any tidbit on his team. He will also spend a lot of time researching the best prices to purchase tickets to a high profile game. He will elect to watch a sporting event at home or subscribe to channels that let him indulge his fandom for a fee. He will buy DVDs of great games, magazines that feature his favorite player on the cover and place bets on "sure things"...even illegally. When his team loses, he will feel let down and has buyer's remorse for spending so much to see them. Despite the risk of injury, from mild to life threatening, the players go out there every day and earn their paycheck. Sports are a bonding experience shared with friends or unknown counterparts all there with the same goal: To be entertained.

A sex addict will spend countless hours scouring the internet for pictures or videos of acts that fit his liking. He will spend time driving down shady areas to find the perfect prostitute to pick up for the evening. He will elect to watch porn at home or subscribe to channels, or websites, that let him indulge his fantasies. He will buy DVDs of movies and magazines that feature naughty bits...and even download illegal material. After the act is completed, he will feel guilty about having paid so much for it. Despite the danger of diseases or other risks, a sex addict will seek out ways to satisfy their cravings. Like sports, sex is an experience that can be shared with friends or a random stranger with the same goal: To be entertained.

So when you think about it, we're all just a bunch of perverts.


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