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Monday, October 30, 2006

The STARS at night are big and bright...

I admit, I haven't been as passionate about hockey this season. With the Horns in the hunt, VY lighting it up for the Titans and all the shiny things on the ground, I just haven't devoted as much time as I'd like to cover the namesake of my children. Advice: Don't ever name a child based on which of your favorite sports teams won a championship when he/she was conceived. Luckily for fans like me, "Owens Romo" may be off the books this season. (But, I'll give the Cowboys their due for looking like an actual team on Sunday)

Lost somewhere in the mix is the outstanding play of the Dallas Stars who are currently second in the Pacific division and the Western Conference. Only one point seperates #1 and #2 in the early part of the season. The Stars are 9-2 while the Anaheim (Mighty?) Ducks are 8-0-3. So, basically, the Stars manned up and accepted defeat in regulation while the Ducks couldn't win, but get an "everybody gets a trophy" point for losing in OT and/or a shootout.

Sorry guys, a loss is a loss.

This year's Stars' team had major question marks going into the season. The departure of Bill Guerin was probably the most concerning factor. Add in Eric "The Concussion" Lindross as your big offseason signee and there was no telling what to expect. But, the Stars are actually playing some great defense this year inside of the blue lines. Lindross is leading the team in assist with 7 while Mike Modano is returning to old form with 7 goals. Brendan Morrow has brought some fire to the captain position and Robidas has set up a cot in the penalty box.

The biggest question mark will be whether or not Marty Turco can overcome his mental block. Turco is a great goalie for 90 games a year. In big games, and the playoffs, he gets the "L" more often than not. Hopefully the demons will be exorcised as the season progresses.

While hockey plays fourth fiddle to the other sports teams in these parts, nothing can beat the fan experience of watching the Stars battle on the ice. Watching a great team makes the enjoyment level all the better.


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