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Thursday, October 26, 2006

This weekend in the Big 12

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Colorado vs. Kansas- Surprisingly, this is a hard one to call. Colorado has shown that they can beat good offenses in Tech and play with decent defenses in Georgia. The loss to Baylor isn't nearly as laughable as it has been in previous seasons. Kansas is a team that will not quit as evidenced by their play against Nebraska. But, they still don't have the record to show for it. Colorado will win a close battle.

Iowa St. vs. K-State- Two north teams who are just hoping that the season mercifully ends. Iowa St. has a great QB to WR tandem, but they have failed expectations of their offensive output. However, K-State has proven that they can beat mediocre teams but has lost to the likes of Baylor, Louisville, Mizzou and Nebraska...by a lot. But, in the end, Ron Prince becomes the "X" factor. He just doesn't have the tools to win with this group of players. Iowa St. by 10+.

Texas A&M vs. Baylor- Ah yes, the hilariously close battle of the past two seasons is all of a sudden NOT so funny. Baylor is going to give A&M fits with its passing attack and Jovorski Lane is going to rush for well over 100 yards. But, in the end, Baylor is an improved team that has had trouble finishing out the close games. A&M has had more close games than they care to admit...against bad teams. But, A&M will win by a FG.

Oklahoma vs. Mizzou- This is probably the most interesting match-up of the day. Both teams already have a conference loss and Oklahoma needs to win to stay competitive for the Big 12 south crown should Texas drop 2 games. Chase Daniel is unquestionably the best QB in the Big 12 this year especially given the talent that surrounds him. Peterson would have been a great asset and Allen Patrick has not shown anything jaw dropping in his limited action. But, the coaching factor will take precedence. While we at Texas like to rag on the formerly known "Big game Bobby", Stoops is still a damn fine coach and has the track record to prove it. Gary Pinkle, on the other hand does not. Oklahoma will win by 10+.

Texas vs. Texas Tech- As bad as it sounds, this game somewhat concerns me. It's on the road against a pass happy team. Texas' secondary has been suspect for the better part of the year. (Can we at least SCHEME against trick plays Gene?) Every team Texas plays claims that the game is their Super Bowl. Tech is no different. There's a lot of pride to be had for Leach's legion of pirate faithful. But, in the end, Tech's defense can be rushed upon by a pee wee league team. If we keep handing the ball off to Charles and Young, expect 4 rushing TD's as a result. Texas wins by 10+.

Best scenerios for Texas:
Texas over Tech (Obviously)
a&m over Baylor (This is a push as an a&m loss could allow Texas to lose 1 conference game and still win the Big 12 south)
Mizzou over ou (We need to pull for Mizzou for BCS purposes as playing Nebraska twice does not help us in the BCS formula)
K-State over ISU (K-State has a better chance for a mediocre season to slightly boost our strength of schedule)
CU/Kansas is moot (We play neither)


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