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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The T.O. Show

I guess Scott put me on the spot so I have to blog this game. There's really not much about the game or numbers to discuss when you're playing the Titans. Their just a bad, bad team, so it's impossible to gauge what kind of squad the Cowboys really have after this game.

Oh, and never mind the title of this post. It's not all about Terrell Owens but these days it seems to be all anyone wants to talk about.

So, with the overall game not bearing any real substance, we'll break down the Cowboys three biggest offensive free agent acquisitions of the last two years. Then, I'll throw in my opinion on Albert Haynesworth.

Drew Bledsoe- I was concerned after his first pass. He looked down Terry Glenn all the way and got picked. I started to work up ideas concerning the redeveloping quarterback controversy right then. But he recovered nicely and played another solid game. Although, I'm sure it helps that the Titans refused to blitz the guy.

Mike Vanderjagt- The arrogant one missed a chip shot, but I'm not going to be concerned just yet. Let the numbers bear out over the season. Besides, he has already hit from 50 and 43 yards this year. That's a kind of production the Cowboys couldn't have hoped for in previous years. He's a diva kicker, but I don't care as long as he makes field goals.

Terrell Owens- Dropped another touchdown pass this week but it was a difficult catch. I'm sure Scott will post a comment about how being paid $25 million means you should catch that pass. But don't ignore the fact that he had key catches on the first three scoring drives. Or that he posted 5 catches for 88 yards two weeks after breaking a finger and a few days after his accidental overdose saga. He's an impact guy.

Albert Haynesworth- May be my memory is short, but this is the worst act I've seen on a football field outside of the Last Boy Scout. He bends down and rips off Andre Gurode's helmut. Then he kicks him in the back of the head before stomping on his face, leaving Gurode with a gash requiring 30 stitches. This is inexcusable. I know he was sincerely apologetic, but so are many wife beaters. The NFL must send him and the rest of the league a message. He should sit for the year. As much of that as the collective bargaining agreement allows should be unpaid. Then, he can return next year, the slate is wiped clean and he gets another chance to prove what he said after the game, that he's not a dirty player.

So pretty basic stuff this week. We'll save the hard core analysis until after the Philly game.

(Meanwhile, the Stars take the ice, the Mavs start training camp, the Rangers go on vacation early, and a little thing called the Red River Shootout approaches. Keep an eye on the Powerhouse this week. And feel free to comment on the greatness of my writing, but I better not see anyone else use our comments section to pimp their network marketing scam. That means you, Franco.)


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