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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ugly Win Becomes the T.O. Show

Powerhousers, how you like him now? Who? T.O., that's who.

We saw what he brings to a team today. The yards weren't huge, but three TD's is always huge, especially considering the difficult adjustments two of those scoring grabs required. That was impact.

Suddenly, he has four TD's in five games which projects to a Pro Bowl level. Or shall we say to a contender level.

It's clear that now T.O. reads the Powerhouse. He saw the challenge to perform I blogged this week and answered the bell.

Sure, you may be willing to celebrate those Cowboys champions of the 90's who were doing drugs, dealing drugs, and pimping hos at the Las Colinas White House. All this while you lampoon a guy who may be a pest to his positional coaches while being anything but a menace to society. But I say bring him on, throw him the damn ball, and shut up.

You may say his catches are down as are his yards. Yeah, but while he draws double coverage, Julius Jones has quietly rushed for 100 yards in three consecutive games for the first time in his career. Terry Glenn has been able to get open. Patrick Crayton has been able to get involved in the offense.

Meanwhile, Bill Parcells is handling this thing the right way: not talking about it. And I don't heap a lot of praise on the Tuna. Legacy or not, he has to earn it with me. He and Jerry Jones refuse to add any fuel to the fire the way Eagles management did. They are going to keep this thing in house and let their hired hands play the game. And, don't forget, T.O. has his money. Get him the ball and he'll be happy and the Cowboys will win. But let's shift gears.

Quarterback Watch

Drew Bledsoe's performance was rather mediocre today. His play looked almost as bad as it had against the Jaguars and Eagles. The only difference is the Texans have a horrible defense making it easier for Bledsoe to avoid the bad pass.

But, when a team wins 34-6, its hardly the time to bench your quarterback. I have full concern, though, that the Giants will remind us next week how ineffective Bledsoe really is.

And when they do, we can no longer say the only guy we have to replace him has never thrown an NFL pass. Tony Romo has that monkey off his back. In fact, he is now the reserve QB who has never thrown an incomplete pass in the NFL.

But, seriously, his first pass was a beauty. It was a pass you would not see Drew Bledsoe complete. Bledsoe doesn't see a pass rush quickly enough and is not athletic enough to get the ball off in that situation. But Romo knew a Texans defender was running free and unloaded quickly so he could get the ball out and up enough to give Sam Hurd a chance to catch the ball. And Hurd couldn't have played the ball better. Looks like he's really been listening to T.O. in practice.

His second pass was a touchdown so it seems Mr. Romo is destined for greatness. And his energy should only help to fire up this team for the remainder of the season.

So the pressure is on Drew now as the Giants pass rush comes to town next week. Romo got to flash his moxie in a real game. It's a small sampling, perhaps too small, but it gives the coaches something to think about.


Blogger Scott Boswell said...

3 TDs is an impressive stat. 45 total yards is not.

Let's see him do it against real compeition.

3:51 PM  

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