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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Avery Johnson Reads the Powerhouse

That's right. We knew Texas Rangers general manager and Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells read the Powerhouse. They've proven it by taking my advice.

Now, we can add Avery Johnson to the list. You may recall the Mavs opened the season with four consecutive losses. The first two games, Greg Buckner started alongside Jason Terry at guard over Devin Harris. The offense struggled, as has the defense minus Josh Howard. Harris started game three and the offense instantly improved, though they played horrendous defense and lost that game as well.

Harris struggled in the next game, but I called for him to not only start but play more minutes. It was clear he was developing as a point guard and developed into the team's best playmaker and one of its best defenders. Johnson listened, Harris got more minutes and now the Mavs are back at .500. The offense is definitely better, though the team seems to have forgotten the defense that took them so far last season. And Avery is now beginning to give Harris some credit. This after offseason rumors the Mavs looked to trade their former No. 5 pick.

Now, Johnson clearly reads this blog, but doesn't accept all my advice. You may have noticed Jerry Stackhouse continues to get big minutes and play in the fourth quarter with Josh Howard. Well, I can't always be right. It seems Stack has really stepped up the last few games and, like the rest of the team, shows vast improvement in dishing the dime.

So, Avery, it's good to know you're a reader. Call me and we'll do an interview.


Blogger Jason Patlan said...

Despite my professional jealousy, I must defer to your greatness.

This, along with your "Britney & K-Fed will never make it long-term" prediction, put you up there will Nostradamus, Milton Friedman & Jesus.

10:22 AM  

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