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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bad Bull For Aggy

We here at DSP like to have fun with our in-state breathen from College Station. A lot of our material comes from watching aggy squirm around their ant farm while trying to regain an identity they once achieved. But, in the end, it's merely a sibling rivalry.

Apparently for some the feelings aren't mutual.

The Battalion, the only source of student run "journalism", has printed a nice little story about McGee's toughness and McCoy's...shall we say deficiencies?

I'm all for smack talk and gloating after a big win. (We've come to expect this at Texas) But, taking jabs at a 20 year old's injury? Cheering a hit that got a known trouble maker ejected? That's a little below the belt for a blog...much less a newspaper. As a journalism graduate I've come to expect an obvious slant dependent on what side of the issue you are reading. But, for this to passed off as reporting is complete and utter crap.

I can stomach the 1 in 7 years loss. We can't win them all and aggy deserves a pat on the back for beating us in our own house. But, show a little class. You don't see the Daily Texan writing headlines that say "Aggy season tumbles like a pile of logs" after their annual loss. There is a line that should not be crossed when debating sports. While McCoy is expected to recover, injuries dealing with a spine and nerves are no laughing matter. Leave the "school girl " and "vagina" remarks to the message board trolls.

And keep the gloves up gentlemen.


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