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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Could B_S Be Spared

Well, as bad as this system is, some years things just work themselves out...sorta.

I was all ready to complain a Texas team who was a defending champ and whose only loss was to the Number One team in the land could be shut out of its rightful defense.

I was prepared to gripe that an undefeated Rutgers team that beat two teams that were considered B_S title game worthy was going to get the same credit as West Virginia and Louisville.

But, now, this incredibly stupid, stupendously flawed system is spared some of the controversy. There's no undefeated Auburn team here. Let's face it. Boise State doesn't count. I'm sure they have a huge homefield advantage on that crazy blue turf. But on a neutral green field? Not a chance.

Hell, it even seems unlikely Notre Dame passes Michigan with a win over USC which would be a scandalous scenario. There will be some fodder to discuss if USC wins out and passes Michigan, who is now the team with their only loss to the nation's number one team. Or should Florida or Arkansas close the deal. But it just won't be the same.

NCAA Division I football desparately needs a playoff. And that VY wins a title even in a playoff. But we need teams to continue to provide evidence to support the argument for a bracket. Otherwise, I'll sound like Boswell fishing for blind stats while claiming the Big 12 is equal to the SEC.


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