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Monday, November 27, 2006

A Cyclone Out of Austin


Reports have surfaced that Gene Chizik, Texas' defensive coordinator, has accepted the head coaching job at Iowa State. Somewhere in aggieland, Stephen McGee, J-train and Michael Goodson must be shedding a tear. In Norman, trailer homes have been set ablaze.

Good luck to coach Chizik. Although, I am dissappointed that Greg Davis wasn't part of the deal. Apparently, Texas is wasting no time in hiring a replacement for the vacancy. The early rumor is that Miami's DC, Randy Shannon, is the leading candiate for the position. The short list also includes Joe Kines from Alabama. Either selection would be pretty stellar.

At least something positive came out of losing to aggy. I bought my Big 12 championship game tickets in March to avoid paying the scalper prices JD and I did last year. They have sold on Ebay to a sooner fan for a cool $375. Net profit: $257. Before you preach to me about selling out to the enemy consider this: I just had Christmas paid for by an Okie.

There I go again with my moral victories...

With all the attention the state of our football program has been receiving lately, it could be worse. We could have Arkansas' headlines. Imagine Nutt sticking with that "package".

(Yes, I realize that I am stuck in the 6th grade.)

And finally, the legend of Vince Young continues...

Which reminds me, is Reggie Bush still playing in the NFL? Those fantasy football commercials seemed to have disapeared. If you see him, please email us.


Blogger J D Allen said...

People keep saying the Giants D-lineman let go of Young. Come on. That's just a dab of VY, baby.

9:03 PM  

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