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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hook 'em Wolverines

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Blogger Jason Patlan said...

Eh...do we really care at this point? I honestly don't have a rooting interest. If anything, I'd rather be able to say that one of our losses was to the eventual NC.

But then again....I don't care about anything anymore.


9:03 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

I just don't want OSU winning it. The Mich/OSU rivalry is a lot like Texas/ou. I see a lot of us in Michigan fans and a lot of ou in OSU fans with regards to civality. (word?)

Isn't OSU just "ou" with an "s"?

I'd like nothing more for us to finish the job, but I take solace in the fact that new blood can do great things.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous PB @ BON said...

Agree with Scott.

This is about more than just Big 10 football. It's just like Texas-OU. Good-Evil.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous RHammer said...

As a wolverine who ventured to witness the amazing (and disappointing for us) 2005 Rose Bowl, I must say it is nice to hear these sentiments...

I agree with Scott that there are similarities in the rivalry, as my experience with longhorn fans in pasadena was that of shared amazement at such a great game to watch, and all of them were class acts up to and after the end of the game.

Best of luck in the rest of the season!

3:10 PM  

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