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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Horrendous Decision, Mack!

You can talk about this game and how it played out. Yet another piss poor game plan by Greg Davis. The inabilty of Chizik and Akina to fail and prepare the defense for an option attack for the second straight year. The Aggies executing beautifully what I believe was an ill-advised game plan.

Let's just say Fran narrowly abvoided being skewered again for poor coaching by not using what has been the nation's most balanced offense to take advantage of Texas' suspect pass defense. His team's heart, and Davis' idiocy, bailed him out.

By with the turn of events at the end of the game, everything else pales in comparison. I'm sure you saw Colt McCoy get carted off in the game's final minute. But, rest assured, his injury status is not the reason for the loss, or the K-State loss. But it is the reason Mack Brown and the Texas medical staff deserve to be second guessed severely for playing the Freshman-turning-legend today.

Again, this is not an excuse. The team did not play well enough to win and McCoy made the freshman mistakes we expected when the season began.

But three huge mistakes were made leading to his trip on his back, with his head in a harness, on the back of the golf cart.

The first mistake was playing McCoy. Two hard hits late in the game debilitized McCoy proving he should not have been on the field. Who knows where the blame lies. Is it the team doctors who misdiagnosed McCoy? Or is it Brown and the coaching staff who may have heard what they wanted to hear to get their star freshman QB back on the field for a potentially division clinching game? Whoever it was put the kid in danger. You just don't take chances with head, neck, and back injuries, because they can alter a young man's life permanently.

The second huge mistake, or let's call it a malicious cheap shot, was committed by Kellen Heard of the Aggies who blindsided McCoy after the whistle on the interception thrown to Mark Dodge on Texas' next to last offensive possession. The hit is beyond belief. Heard should, at the very least, be suspended from the postseason. Perhaps even into the next season. Coach Fran needs to lay down the law and make sure his players know that is not Aggies football.

The third mistake lays at the feet clearly of Mack Brown. With just one shot left to play for consectutive Big 12 titles, he ignored the facts. He ignored the fact his QB had suffered a stinger in his back and neck less than two weeks ago. He ignored the fact Heard's head hunting reaggravated McCoy's injury. Instead, I'm sure he listened to McCoy tell him he was okay instead of allowing wisdom, and McCoy's best interests for football and life, to prevail.

So this one's on Mack. Any guilt he feels is warranted. Any recourse DeLoss Doods hands down, and there should be recourse, should be humbly accepted.


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