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Saturday, November 25, 2006

My "Romosexual" tendacies

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I was wrong.

The pieces of the drama puzzle started to fit as a man on an exercise bike waved for the cameras. The over-the-hill gunslinger had been reduced to a BB gun within the first few games of the season. A "suicide attempt", a standoff-ish coach and a kicker who would miss the chair if he attempted to hang himself all spelled disaster for the Silver and Blue. I was counting the days until Sportscenter led off with TO's negatory comments on how we don't love him some him.

But, a few weeks ago I saw something that softened my stance. I saw a team out there, cohesive and full of chemistry.

Don't misunderstand me, I still haven't seen an upside to TO that has made me giggle like a school girl. But, admittingly, I haven't seen the once-weekly media circus that follows his every ploy for attention.

The key? Tony Romo.

When I heard Romo was coming in, I thought my case would pick up steam. Here's a guy that went to some podunk university, was not even sniffed in the draft and basically signed for beer money. And now he's the starting QB for America's team? My saliva glands moistened as I anxiously awaited the atomic bomb that would inevitably drop on the metroplex.

What I've seen is nothing short of brilliance.

The first few times, I thought it was a fluke. Beating the likes of Carolina and Arizona doesn't exactly exhude HOF material. The Washington loss can't be pinned on the QB play either. But, beating Peyton Manning and halting an undefeated season is a nice feather to put in your cap. While he did not control the defense, he has ignited a spark that has permiated to the rest of the team. It's too early to label Romo as the best steal in NFL history...but he is well on his way to creating a supportive arguement.

I am stubborn...so I will not reneg on my vow to swear off the Cowboys' betrayal. But, they are my dumped ex-girlfriend. Sure, she's moved on and is seeing someone new. But, that doesn't stop you from calling her house just to hear her voice and quickly hanging up.

Here's to you T-Ro...


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