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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Romo's a Winner...Cowboys Aren't

Check out the Dallas Cowboys new franchise quarterback's stats: 24 of 36, 284 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT. So the Cowboys won. Well, not exactly. Romo did everything he needed to do for Dallas to win, including completing a 28-yard pass to Jason Witten inside the Washington 20-yard line with six seconds to play, but he had his gremlins sabotaging victory today. Here's the list:

Public Enemy #1: Special Teams. This group gave up big returns to the 'Skins all day providing a struggling offense good field position to work from in the game. They capped it all off by allowing a block of what would have been the game winning field goal and allowed Washington to get in position for their winner. There's the fact that the referees awarded 15 yards on a clearly incidental facemask on the return, but don't get it blocked and it doesn't matter.

Public Enemy #2: Terrell Owens. Stone hands strikes again. I won't make him #1 because that could be overstating it considering the total failure of the special teams. But Romo makes a beautiful play action fake followed by a gorgeous bomb to Owens that should have been a back breaking 74-yard touchdown to make the score 26-12. Instaed, the lead remained seven setting the stage for the upset.

Public Enemy #3: Roy Williams and Anthony Henry. They are considered one for being guilty of the same sin: failure in coverage. We knew Roy Williams is bad in coverage. Now, it's become a theme with Henry. The pair combined for two major pass interference penalties. Williams dropped an interception in Washington's end of the field. Henry is racking up interference penalties like Mario Edawrds did. Oh, and Henry got blocked by little man Brandon Lloyd on Clinton Portis's 38-yard TD run around Henry's corner. If I am a Dallas opponent, I know where I'm throwing the ball. Perhaps next year Dallas should move Henry to free safety, Keith Davis to strong safety, Williams to linebacker, and find another cornerback.

Public Enemy #4: Bill Parcells. He's listed this low because the decision he's made at quarterback has been golden. If Romo is the reason the Cowboys have not pursued quality QB's aggressively, maybe we owe him an apology for the criticism of the last couple of seasons. Nonetheless, if he doesn't go for two with a 6-5 lead early in the second quarter, all you have to do is take a knee, run out the clock, and celebrate another road victory. That is two early in the game to risk taking points off the board. Screw the chart and coach the game. Seems he asked Coach Fran for help on that call.

Now, let's get back to Romo. This guy has unbelievable poise, can make throws, and get out of trouble. Washington sent pressure nearly every play and, if not for Owens' drop, he has well over 300 yards, 3 TD's, and a 2nd straight road win. Bluer skies are ahead Cowboys fans. Tolerate the occasional gunslinger 3-INT game and watch as Romo makes this team the contender we expect it to be. (I'm holding off on proclaiming Romo as chapionship caliber because that is not determined by two games.)


Blogger Jason Patlan said...

I'd agree with your assessment, but I'd re-order the blame:

1) Parcells. It the 1st-freakin quarter...take your point and get on with the game. The chart is no longer obscure, nor is the "too early in the game to worry about the chart" axiom.

2) Roy and Anthony: Anthony just had a bad game...Roy just sucks.

3) TO: Pinche mano de piedras...

4) Special teams: 'nuff said.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

I'm restraining from giving an ASSessment of TO's impact.

I truely am...

6:36 PM  
Blogger J D Allen said...

The problem is Henry's had about three or four of these types of games.

6:58 PM  

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