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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Support the 'Stangs


Do you ever wonder what could have been?

What if I stayed in London during college like I had always planned? What if I deleted that "Hot Russian women...everything must go" link from my email and never put a down payment on my future wife?

That's what this Saturday brings: What if?

It seems like everywhere you turn the Michigan vs. Ohio St. game dominates the headlines. It's heartbreaking to think that just one week ago we were going to intently watch the game to potentially scout a future opponent. Now it is "just another game". To steal a quote from Ron White "I'm a dog lover...actually I love my dog. I could care less about yours." We don't have a dog in this fight. Ours is wounded and whimpering. We're just hoping that we don't have to put it down.

But, SMU has a cure for the college football ails.

Apparently, SMU is one win away from becoming bowl eligible since the death penalty was imposed in the late eighties. In spite of this, they are still having trouble selling out the stadium. As a marketing ploy, the SMU athletic department is offering tickets for $1 a piece to put bodies in the seats and ignite some spirit for a once dominate program. As a resident of Dallas, and a fan of college football, this is a wonderful opportunity to see a football game in a beautiful stadium for less than the cost of gas to get you there. There will be a noticeable Horn presence at the game and a tailgate will be setup for pre-game festivities. (Including some of your favorite posters from Hornfans.com) In this age of Tivo, and the fact the "The Rivalry" no longer impacts us, I think that it's a pretty fair tradeoff.

As an added bonus, SMU's opponent is the University of Tulsa. So, once again, Texans must defend Dallas from an Oklahoma influx.

So come on out and support your fellow Dallasites as they attempt to nudge themselves back in the college football landscape. I hear that chili, and perhaps coeds, will be available.


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