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Sunday, November 05, 2006

We're #3!

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This picture pretty much sums up the weekend: Shock and disbelief.

On Thursday, Louisville defeated...check that...ass-whooped West Virginia. The good news? West Virginia is out of the national championship talk and Louisville still has to play undefeated Rutgers and a hot Pitt team. As polls indicate, Louisville isn't getting a lot of love from the coaches. But, Louisville will most likely need to lose a game for Texas to overtake them in the BCS rankings.

Ball State, a bad MAC team, came within 2 yards of potentially upsetting Michigan. This was with Mario Manningham, Michigan's best WR, back on the field from an injury. Ohio St. had a 7 point victory against a dismal Illinois team. The game wasn't as close as the score indicated, but Troy Smith showed signs of being human. While neither team lost, it shows that the field is starting to get on par this late in the season. The last thing Texas needs is for Ohio State to lose. But, a close call with Ball State does not bode well this late in the season for a Michigan team that loses to Ohio St. and joins the 1-loss fray. Unless Michigan beats Ohio St., there will not be a repeat game for the NC.

Florida also had a close call this weekend against an upset prone Vandy team. With South Carolina and Florida State still left on the schedule, there is plenty of reasons to pay attention to Florida's play. This isn't your older brother's FSU team...but never discount a rivalry game on the road. The SEC championship certainly isn't a given either.

Arkansas survived South Carolina but still has showdowns with LSU and Tennessee. If they win 1 of 2 of these matchups, Arkansas will shut out Auburn from the SEC championship game which hurts the Tiger's NC berth hopes. Arkansas is too far back in the pack to be a serious contender. (Although I am impressed with their play thus far)

LSU came from behind to beat Tenn. in a thriller to provide a little breathing room for Texas. Cal is the other team breathing down Texas' neck right now. But, a game against USC may prove to be the downfall. Texas fans want either Stanford or Arizona to do the deed as USC's strength of schedule will increase with wins over Oregon, ND and Cal. USC may not get the voter's love, but the computers may not see it the same way.

Now to the Big 12...

First up, the "go to hell" Bowl. a&m loses to ou by 1 point. The way they lose? Coaching. The a&m team showed heart and pride on their home turf. But, in typical fashion. Coach Fran lost them the game. Instead of handing the ball to J-Train on a 3rd and 2, he elects to pass and kick a FG...which still put them one point behind. Stoops showed some guts by going for it on 4th and inches. They would have made it...but the yellow flag came out. The self proclaimed Home of the 12th man had 12 men on the field giving ou an automatic first down. (You just can make this stuff up folks)

Texas needed a big win...and they got it. McCoy looked phenominal and for the first time this season, Texas looked like a complete TEAM. It would be a crime for McCoy to not take newcomer of the year and Big 12 offensive player of the year awards while Aaron Ross takes home the defensive player of the year.

The biggest news is that a&m's loss virtually ensures that Texas will represent the south in the Big 12 championship game. Texas can lock it up this Saturday with a victory over struggling K-State. Nebraska's win over Mizzou also virtually locks up the north spot setting up a revenge game in Kansas City.

The coach's polls are out and Texas has the #3 spot. We already know that #1 and #2 will be altered in a few weeks...so Texas could potentially move up into the #2 spot. But, the BCS is subjective and there is no guarentee that we will be in a position to defend our title. I refuse to drink the NC Kool-aid yet...but it sure is fun to watch it all unfold.

Update: Texas has moved up 2 more spots to #5 in the BCS. Ohio St./Mich will take care of itself, but we need help from Louisville and Florida. However, the gap for #6 and #7 is pretty thin. Texas needs Arkansas to remain strong so that Auburn gets shut out of the SEC conference game. We also need ou to win out and a&m to have no more losses before they face us.

Imagine that...Texas fans having to cheer for Arkansas, ou and a&m. This is why the BCS should be scrapped.


Blogger J D Allen said...

I hope I'm not becoming a homer but I'm starting to think Colt McCoy deserves national recognition. I don't mean he should win the Heisman. I don't think he is the player in the nation or the best quarterback, but there's not many better. I am starting to wonder, though, if McCoy, as a freshman, has earned a position as a finalist and deserves to be invited to NY for the ceremony. Troy Smith is obviously the front runner. Quinn put it together after earl;y struggles. But who else is there? Slaton, White, and Brohm? Those three guys play in a basketball conference. Brohm gets cred for a superb performance in a big game, but it was in a weak, weak, conference, which WV proves year after year they aren't good enough to get out of unscathed. There are very good teams in the SEC, the nations best (YES, BEST!!!!!) conference but there aren't really any superstar players who have separated themselves from the pack. Anyone else in the Big 12? ACC? Pac-10? Perhaps Michael Hart of Michigan. But, really, who else? So don't call me a homer. Leave that to Scott. But give me some names to keep Colt home when the Heisman ceremony is held after he breaks the NCAA freshamn record for touchdowns. (I'm predicting Saturday against K-State)

Okay this comment was too long. Should have made it a post.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

I couldn't agree more.

At first, I thought people were being sunshine pumpers with their assesment of McCoy. I am an admitted homer, but even I have my limits. I can at least be somewhat objective and realize that Texas might now always be the best team without feeling that I am betraying the Burnt Orange Nation.

But, McCoy is the real deal.

You just can't ignore what he is doing. I have no problem with Smith or Quinn getting an invite. And, to be honest, this year's award is already in the bag unless Smith breaks his leg. (He can have 2 bad games and still get it) But, who else in the nation is as important to his team as McCoy? Slaton has an arguement...but the competition is not nearly on par. Hart is good, but he isn't even the best player on his own team. (Ginn has this problem too) No one else from an elite program even comes close.

In a year where Texas fans would have understood, but not been happy with, 3 losses McCoy has breathed some life into this program. He shouldn't win it, no FRESHMAN ever should, but he has earned a free trip to NY in recognition.

8:49 PM  
Blogger J D Allen said...

Earlier, I did forget G-Tech's freak WR Calvin Johnson, but still Colt deserves mention.

Also, VY chose throwing 3 INT's in a blowout loss over a guaranteed Heisman and almost as guaranteed national title repeat. I guess money really does talk.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

ESPN has Colt as the #4 choice on their Heisman watch. I don't give ESPN much credability, but at least Colt is getting some exposure.

Good for him.

10:10 AM  

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