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Sunday, December 10, 2006

ConVINCEd yet Bob McNair?

Just got back from the game, and a long drive back from Houston in the rain, so the recap will be brief.

Is there anything that Vince Young can't do?

Imagine Jerry Jones moving the Cowboys to Oklahoma City. Upon the announcement, thousands of Dallasites pelt Mr. Jones' limosuine with bottles and anything that will get velocity after every home game. Mr. Jones leaves Dallas with fans shaking their fists and vowing to curse his grandchildren. 4 years later, the City of Dallas tries to christen a new NFL franchise into the hearts of former Cowboys fans.

Net result: One winning season. No signs of improvement are shown.

An outstanding quarterback enters the draft early because his hometown team has the first pick and practically begs your new owner to select him. Your rage boils over when your team squanders the opportunity and the hated Mr. Jones snatches him up to be the franchise quarterback of the former Cowboys.

The quarterback plays his first game in Dallas creating a fan turmoil on loyalty. To stick the dagger a little further, this happens...

I'd hate to be listening to Houston talk radio tomorrow.

Or Merrill Hodge for that matter...


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