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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Eagles' Strength is Exposing Cowboys' Weaknesses

You want to find something positive. After a bad loss, everyone will pile on the home team. So you look for the positives. But where are they?

DeMarcus Ware? He's growing into a beast but two false start penalties put the Eagles in more manageable third down situations, helping keep drives alive.

Tony Romo? Perhaps, the only guy who played well enough to win for three quarters. Then, he got greedy with the Cowboys in position to make it a one score game, throwing an interception into double coverage. Cracking under pressure, you have to wonder if this first-year starter is playoff-ready.

Well, if those are the closest a guy can come to compliments, there be lambasting to do. Here's the long list:

Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn- I lump these guys together for good reason. Both failed to make plays. Both dropped balls after Romo created big play opportunities. T.O.'s would have put Dallas deep in Eagles' territory and on the comeback trail. Glenn's would have placed the ball at midfield after Romo got creamed and fired up the team and crowd. Then, both complained about not getting the ball enough. Complaints about the coach? The QB? Whatever they are, shut up and get open.

Glenn doesn't often speak like this. But we know T.O. does. Jerry took a chance and why not. T.O had become an impact receiver. Now he's become an average headache. Send him packing after the season and start over.

O-Line- We had thought they were better. The running game was better this year and Romo's escapability had covered over many trangressions. They've allowed the NFL's two worst run defenses to shut the running attack down. Yesterday, they were jumping offsides on their own turf, Romo was running for his life, and Julius Jones got stuffed.

Defensive Front Seven- No pass rush. No run defense. What good are you? Ware is the only player of any worth in this group.

Secondary- You can always count on a tight end or fullback to get open against Roy Williams and Anthony Henry continues to get schooled by opposing receivers.

Coaching- He doesn't coach penalties. He's told us that. But it's Bill Parcells' team to have this team disciplined and ready to play. Have you seen a team play with so little passion with the division at stake?

And what's with the vanilla game plan? Parcells seems to forget he doesn't have the great personnel on the front lines the way he did in New York and New England. It might help to run some misdirection or to blitz because, playing the game staright up, his guys will get beat. That rings especially true in the playoffs.

And where's Marion Barber in a big game? Dude only played key role in comeback against the Falcons and shows an explosiveness often lacking in Julius Jones.

And the Tuna has no one to blame but himself. Traded down from a shot at Stephen Jackson to take Julius Jones and get another first round pick. With that, he got an average running back and overrated, rarely seen Marcus Spears. Drafted Bobby Carpenter who is a big time bust. Spent the majority of his picks on the defensive front seven while neglecting the offensive line (well, except for Jacob Rogers, Stephen Peterman, and Al Johnson). The result is the long list of deficiencies laid out above.

And where's the so-called signature win now? Carolina? Indy? The Giants? Atlanta? Hell, it may just be that Tennessee was the best team the Cowboys defeated this season. That means, say hello to an eleven-year playoff victory drought.

So this is the Bill Parcells' Dallas resume: passionless, undisciplinedteam and bad game plans that have succeeded against teams that have since proven to be mediocre at best. Perhaps, he should follow T.O. out the door.

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Blogger Scott Boswell said...

"Now he's become an average headache. Send him packing after the season and start over."

The prodigal son has returned...welcome home JD :)

11:20 PM  
Blogger J D Allen said...

Here Scott has done what blowhole conservative pundits do, which he accuses the so-called liberal media of doing. He's taken a sentence out of context and run with it.

If you read closely you see I say "Jerry took a chance" on signing T.O. and "why not."

So my tune hasn't changed. I still think it was worth the signing, because with so little of NFL contracts guaranteed you can cut the guy when it doesn't pan out.

So there's the complete story, with a little poltical jab for a friend.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

The Waffle House called...you left your jacket.

7:24 AM  

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