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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Forgotten Quarterback


I know it will probably never happen.

Matt McCoy will almost certainly not be starting on Dec. 30 at the Alamo Bowl against Iowa. (Not that guy. This one.) Newly anointed hero Colt McCoy's recovery from a severe pinched nerve is, by all media accounts, proceeding on schedule. Colt, who was named National Freshman of the Year by the Sporting News this week, can continue his deserving ride to a bowl victory over the Hawkeyes, in a game where the victor is not in much doubt. (That means the Horns will win. By a lot.)

But man, what a great story it would make.

With the transfer of Jevan Snead, Matt McCoy is the last man standing should Colt suffer another blindside hit. Suddenly, the college stage in a bowl game would belong to an unlikely 22 year old from Dallas.

The walk on quarterback, now a senior, has only played mop-up in previous games, and has never thrown a pass in college. As the Austin American-Statesman points out, he does not even have a mini-biography in the team's media guide. He has appeared three times this season for the Horns, all in blow-out games - his team celebrated on the sidelines after a thorough stomping of a hapless opponent like Sam Houston, all while Matt runs out the clock for the victory.

So who is the forgotten five-year senior? Matthew McCoy signed with Texas out of the Episcopal School of Dallas, where he once threw for 583 yards in a single game. An option specialist, he led the team his senior year to an 8-3 record and a playoff berth. He has been able to play with his twin brother, Mark, who is also a walk-on receiver for the Longhorns.

When the media spotlight turned to him this week after Mack Brown deemed him the starter, he seemed unfazed by it. He insisted that Colt will be playing, but will still prepare in case the unthinkable scenario drops on Texas.

But, if the doctors do not clear Colt to take a hit...

The final game for this senior would have a one-shot chance other players would envy - to lead his team in a nationally televised bowl game.

It won't happen. But it sure would be fun to watch if it did.


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