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Friday, December 01, 2006

Fran is Heard


Coach Fran has apparently faxed over a handwritten apology to Mack Brown per his website. The alleged apology reads as follows:

To: Coach Brown, the Texas coaching staff, Longhorn football players, and Colt McCoy and family

From: Coach Fran, Texas A&M coaching staff, Aggie football players, and Kellen Heard

We regret and apologize for the late hit on Colt by Kellen Heard. We do not teach this type of play or condone it. After meeting with Kellen, I know he feels badly that this happened, and he expressed that he did not want to display malicious intent.

We will handle this situation as a coaching staff with consequences for the action. Kellen is in complete agreement and said that he wants Colt to know that he certainly regrets it and he apologizes for the incident.

Our game is one of the great days in college football and we want it to always be a class day for both universities.

Good luck in your bowl game.


Coach Fran, staff, Kellen Heard and teammates

Then Coach Fran goes on to comment...

Whenever disciplinary action is necessary with players, I consult with staff and also have a session with the Leadership Council to get their feedback on what they think is appropriate. The staff reviewed our game video extensively, as well as the national telecast. Accountability for behavior is taken very seriously in our program in competition, in academics, and in social life. But I also feel strongly that it is important to handle these matters privately, as you would expect it to be handled if it were your son involved. Kellen and his teammates know this will not be dealt with lightly, and that's enough for the public to know, too.

I'm torn on my reaction to this. On one hand, it's a classy thing to offer an apology when nothing requires it. Fran could have just as easily enjoyed the scoreboard and moved on with his life. On the other, Fran has debunked the myth carried by several aggy, and a particularily dumbass Batallion writer, that the hit was not dirty, late or cheap. While it scores points in the eye of public perception, it doesn't erase the fact that McCoy may miss or not perform up to standard in a bowl game. It also doesn't change the cautious outlook on his future as a quarterback.

So thanks for the concern Coach Fran...but if Heard plays in the Holiday Bowl, I'll be happy to send you a handwritten note of where you can stick your apology.


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well said

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