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Friday, December 15, 2006

Name That Field!

Well, the best plans for the greatest stadium ever are laid. Jerry Jones is basking in his own glory. The Super Bowl, among other sporting events, will soon come to DFW.

But before that first NFL game is played in Arlington a great sin will be committed. A beautiful virgin stadium will be violated when Jerry Jones collects millions to post a corporate sponsor on the front of his new digs.

It robs stadiums of their character, and I despise it, but it will happen. So let's have some fun considering some potential sponsors and their potential marketing slogans:

American Airlines-"Wright Amendment that, Southwest!"

eBay-"Ironically, we bid the most for the naming rights."

NASA- "Just wait 'til we put this effer on the moon!"

Trump- "Because what the hell haven't I put my name on."

Overstock.com-"Ladies, with Tony Romo, it's all about the 'O'"

FedEx Kinko's- "Where Bill Parcells prints his infamous charts."

Botox-"Keeping Jerry smiling all these years."

Cingular-"We have fewer drops than T.O."

Smith & Wesson-"Well, our safeties always work."

Viagra-"Our name is on Jerry's greatest erection."


Anonymous Kralonu said...

"Cingular-"We have fewer drops than T.O."

ROFL, that one's got my vote.

12:21 AM  

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