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Friday, December 22, 2006

Ode to Dallas

Is Dallas the best sports city this year?

Boston? Please. Dice K better lead the league in strikeouts.

With the Cowboys, Stars, and Mavericks all posting winning records (and the ever hopeful Texas Rangers just one pitcher away from greatness, as always) Dallas fans have a smorgasbord of enjoyable teams to watch.

While I love nothing more than engaging in near fisticuffs over which home town has the better sports scene or better fans, few cities can rival what Dallas pro teams have accomplished this year.

Cowboys - Newly crowned Pro Bowler Tony Romo leads an exciting offense that rivals the Colts in scoring. We'll try and forget about a defense that rolls over to crappy offensive teams.
An exciting new quarterback, budding defensive great Demarcus Ware, and even a gargantuan stadium planned for the end of the decade all point to the Cowboys as a team on the rise. Winning their last two games should sew up the number 2 seed for the playoffs. Super Bowl bound?

Mavericks - Despite Dirk's recent injury, the Mavs have put together a 12 game winning streak and set up another playoff run against divison rival San Antonio. Here's hoping we can see some better smack talk from Cuban this year. The River Walk is still as dirty as ever. As I discovered from living there and witnessing the Saints flirtation debacle, San Antonians have a massive inferiority complex.

Stars - Excellent play by Marty Turco (when he doesn't lose focus and implode) have the stars at 22-13 in their division. I want to see some genuine nastiness against San Jose in the playoffs.

Rangers - The weak link in my argument. How about 2007? For the love of God, Zito, make a choice. How many more millions of dollars do you need? Here's hoping that Mulder, on his honeymoon in Tahiti, decides that he enjoys year-round summers and wants to come to Texas as well.

Forth Worth Brahmas - Well, we won't mention them.


Anonymous Jeff said...

Until you can prove Dallas is NOT 75% fair weather fans, they have nothing on Boston. You can't say you have one of the original NHL teams with the worst, embarrassing, penny-pinching owner, and their sister team the Celtics following suit.

And you can't say your baseball team has thrown away all their talent like Hanley Ramirez and Jonny Damon for overpriced and overrated names like a real team, the Red Sox. Oh wait, maybe you can.

2:35 PM  

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