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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Please Be a Texans Fan...Pretty Please?

One of the joys of a sports enthusiast is seeing other people squirm when faced with the reality of a loss. Former college poster boy, and ESPN co-mascot, Matt Leinart had to correct himself in an interview when he claimed that "this was a good win...I mean loss for us...I don't know...whatever" after the Longhorns rode out of the Rose Bowl as National Champions. This stemmed from his belief that despite losing USC was still a better team. Clearly old Matt took one too many shots to the helmet. A slight smirk came over the faces of Horn fans none the less.

Pro football is no different. The rivalries for Dallas have certainly changed over the years. While the Steelers, Eagles, Redskins and Giants could certainly make a case, I grew up in an era where beating the 49ers was the path to hallelujah land. Now the 49ers are a perennial joke and the Cowboys are finally starting to pick up some steam after a dormant decade. No, these days there is no one NFL team that really gets a Dallasite's blood pumping. (We leave that to the "dreamy" Tony Romo...)

But, if you travel further down I-45, a new hatred has been rekindled: The Houston Texans vs. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide.

Houston fans despise Tennessee Titans' owner Bud Adams with a passion. This is the man that rode out of town with the Houston Oilers and placed them in the middle of Elvis country. This is the man that took away a sense of identity given by childhood heroes such as Warren Moon and Earl Campbell. For this, he has been banished from mention in certain circles. But, to add insult to injury, this is the man that had the foresight to draft Vince Young, Houston's favorite son, as the franchise quarterback of the team that they once called their own. And for this, he is hated.

A particularity interesting article was published by John McClain in today's Houston Chronicle pleading with Houstonites to support the Texans when VY rides into town. I usually find McClain's work enjoyable and insightful. But, he has missed the point entirely.

There is no feasible way to justify passing up the chance to draft Reggie Bush or Vince Young in favor of a defensive piece. One vocal fan took out a full page advertisement in the Chronicle to beg current Texans' owner Bob McNair not to pass on the opportunity to draft arguably the greatest college quarterback of all time. Websites were erected and radio show's fielded thousands of calls trying to ensure that management would not screw this one up. Vince Young made the decision to enter the draft a year early just at the prospect that he would be able to lead his hometown team. But, we all know how the story ended. Bush went to New Orleans and VY puddled over to Nashville. The reward? Mario Williams who will likely be on a biggest bust recap show someday unless he reincarnates the spirit of Reggie White or intensity of Lawrence Taylor.

How can you be a true Texans fan when the Texans aren't trying to keep you as a fan? There is a point where you have to step back and say "We aren't still rebuilding...are we?" The fans aren't always right with what they want. (Booing the Eagles for selecting Donovan McNabb instead of Ricky Williams anyone?) But, in this instance, the correct decision was obvious. Vince Young has had 2 consecutive weeks of beating quality Colts and Giants teams because he has "it". The Texans have not even contemplated what "it" is.

For the first time in the Texans' short history, the stands will be a sea of burnt orange. And they will be right to do so. Especially when David Carr gets sacked a different way...and Texans fans are left to ponder "what if?"


Anonymous Mark said...

Wow! You really are a Dallas fan! I never imagined a blog so focused.

4:00 PM  

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