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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Quarterback Carousel


Let's see - with the impending nuptials of Mike Modano, he has been declared the most eligible bachelor in Dallas. His brief, unrequited ardor for Jessica Simpson drove the media to hilariously speculative extremes. The fans are also showing the love.

Since the coronation of King Romo the First continues unabated (let's hope his intuitive big-play abilities carry over into the playoffs), Dallas has suddenly realized that Bledsoe is actually still on the roster. He is just one injury away from being back in the pocket and tossing momentum-killing interceptions again. What to do?

Apparently, Parcells is worried enough about Bledsoe's post-demotion preparation that he has brought in Tommy Maddox for a quick workout. Maddox would be a fine emergency option should the T-Ro express derail and Bledsoe not emerge from his pouting funk. If Dallas is lucky, maybe the 35 year old journeyman can recapture some of his 2002 Steelers mojo.

Regardless, we would have to bid adieu to Matt Baker, the Cowboys' virtually unknown scout team quarterback. As the Dallas Morning News' Matt Mosley reported on his blog:

"In preparing for the role of his lifetime, Baker has watched a lot of film on Peyton Manning. He's even mimicking all the nonsense that Manning goes through before each play.(Parcells said "about 90 percent" of his pre-snap routine doesn't really mean anything). "

"Baker, an undrafted rookie out of North Carolina, used his index fingers to make horns while shouting "devil" several times before one play. Several defensive players broke up laughing, which hopefully won't happen Sunday."

Sounds like a fun guy. Mr. Baker, we hardly knew ye.


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