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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Riot Act


I told myself that I wasn't going to watch football today, but I squeezed lemon juice on the paper cut none the less.

A month ago we thought we would be scoreboard watching and counting on Mack to lobby us into the title game. Today, the dagger is stuck a little further into our collective backs as we watched two teams that we beat this year duke it out for the Big 12 championship. The result: More t-shirts to adorn mobile homes up north. Sure, we have scoreboard this year...but what does that get you in the grand scheme of things?

It pains me to admit it, but Oklahoma deserves a pat on the back for coming back from the depths of despair to earn a BCS berth. The only solace I can take is that they may be competing for another national title had the Oregon officials been competent. Like a scorned lover, that puts a smile on my face...and I'm happy to remind their fans of this fact.

The Cinderella season ended for Rutgers on a failed two point conversion and Wake Forest shocked the ACC by emerging as champion. But, neither can compare to the surprise upset of the day.

Are you sad about USC getting beat? Me either. It's sickening to see a program have four consecutive chances to win a national championship. (Albeit earned) USC can't be happy about returning to the Rose Bowl for their BCS game. The House that Young Built has already crushed their title hopes twice this year.

Don't tell that to the USC cheerleaders though...

What is it about the Rose Bowl that makes her cheer at wrong times?

USC losing was the best thing that could have happened to talk radio and sports columnist everywhere. We again find ourselves in the middle of a BCS controversy.

Ohio State vs. Michigan: Part II or does Florida deserve a shot to play?

There isn't an easy answer. Michigan was barely beaten by #1 Ohio St. on the road, whipped ND and escaped a bad Ball St. team. Florida lost to a 3-loss Auburn team, slaughtered a Div-II Western Carolina team instead of scheduling a quality opponent and had several close calls throughout the season. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses. Both teams have an argument as to why they are the best one-loss team.

The only guarentee is that there will be fallout no matter who gets selected for the title game.

If Michigan goes, you can make the argument that they did not win their conference. You can also point to the fact that the SEC has to play a conference championship game while Michigan finished up their season two weeks ago. If Florida goes, you can point to the close games they played against Vanderbilt (who Michigan destroyed), Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida St. You can also point out that Michigan played Div I opponents in every game while Florida padded a Div II opponent for a 12th game.

Michigan is my second favorite team and my heart says that they should get the nod. Yes, they already had a crack at Ohio St. But if Texas had won out, we would have had the same argument and certainly wouldn't have apologized for our invitation. It would be hypocritical for a Texas fan to use this against the Michigan campaign.

But, my head says that Florida should get the opportunity.

Unlike Michigan, Florida had to play thirteen games to pave their way to Glendale. While they had a schedule pad, they also had to match up against a good Arkansas team to prove that they were the SEC's best. Michigan didn't win their conference. While there is precedence that says that this is not necessarily a requirement, it would be vastly unfair to deny a one-loss team from the purported toughest conference in college football an opportunity. Unless there are no other alternatives, two teams from the same conference should NEVER be allowed to play for the title. If Texas and Nebraska went through 12 games undefeated, and had not played each other in the regular season, they would play in the conference championship game to decide who would have the edge. The loser would not get a second shot unless all the teams behind them had 2 losses. It is unfair to give an advantage to conferences that have an easier road. The purpose of the BCS is to pit the two best teams against one another. Michigan is not the best team as evidenced by their loss to Ohio St. Florida should be given the opportunity to prove their worth.

Sunday will be chock full of action in the world of sports. So get out the popcorn and watch the drama unfold.

(HT to MZone for the video)


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