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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Romo Joins the Cowboys QB Pantheon

What strange news to hear a quarterback who has only started eight games has made the Pro Bowl. Yet, that is what Tony Romo achieved when the NFL announced the rosters yesterday. He's play well, but it's probably as much a matter of how weak the NFC quarterback position is as it is Romo's unbelieveably solid play since taking over for Drew Bledsoe.

But more important is what it means for the team. Only four other Cowboys Quarterbacks have been Pro Bowlers: Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, Danny White, and Troy Aikman. Now that's an impressive list. That's right. Danny White included. He's perhaps the underrated player in Dallas Cowboys history. And didn't help that he played in the shadow of Roger the Dodger. He was like Steve Young following Joe Montana but never got the proverbial monkey off his back.

Anyway, what's significant about this selection? No Dallas Pro Bowl QB has ever failed to take his team to at least the NFC Championship game. Now, that may not have always occurred in the same year, but at some point in Romo's career, the Cowboys will be just a heartbeat away from another Super Bowl.

And considering Bledsoe's team won the Lombardi trophy the last time he was replaced mid-season, the karma's looking awfully pretty for Romo.

Just chew on that awhile.


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