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Friday, December 29, 2006

Yes Aggy...Suckle on Franny's Kool-Aid

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"Well, it's a good thing Kansas State and a&m gave a good showing in their bowl games. It would be embarrassing if the teams that took us out of the national and conference title races got blown out. Sorry, what's that? There seems to be some noise on my line...I thought you said that both schools lost by more than 4 TDs. Hello...sir?"

Well, if that ain't a punch in the gut.

K-State I can forgive. In the midst of Rutgers' Cinderella season, K-State was a mere pawn en route to the story book ending. But, we only mustered 7 points against an aggy squad that just gave up 45 to a Pac-10 team? (Does anyone else find it humorous that their basketball team only allowed Grambling State 27 on the same day?) Cal had problems against the run too, yet they still dominated. It's like picking at a scab that was almost fully healed.

In some ways, we are strangely fortunate. Never have I seen a coach whose ass was starting to leave an imprint on the hot seat save his job with a 5 point victory over an arch rival. With this latest mark in the "L" column, Fran now owns the record for the worst 2 regular season and Bowl losses in 100+ years of a&m football. Add this to the bi-annual winning seasons, and horrendous showings against Texas, Tech, ou and Nebraska, and it spells fortune for the Big 12. Perhaps a loss this year is a fair trade-off for a nice long tenure.

With former athletic director Robert Gates in such a high position, I would join the witness protection program if I was Coach Tedford. And I certainly wouldn't eat any cloned meat products. Not when the defending Meat Packing champs live in College Station.

Since I will be travelling to Houston tomorrow for the New Year, and will not be able to post until afterwards, allow me to offer my congrats to Mack Brown on a fifth consecutive 10 win season.

Texas 28 Iowa 17

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Blogger Jarred Dunn said...

I don't care how horrible it sounds. I am utterly delighted at every stumble by Fran and the Aggies.
Late Christmas present! Gotta love it.

5:23 AM  

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