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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

3 Cheers For Big Game Bob

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Wow! Bomar-ed once again.

Here I was feeling all depressed that my beloved Horns played...nay...escaped a 6-6 Iowa team and coach Stoops had the perfect start to a new year.

I'm torn on the loss for several reasons. The obvious is that it was ou. Anytime this happens is a good thing. (Unless it affects the Horns) But, on the other hand, we will have to endure a week of ESPN clammering for a playoff. While valid arguements can be made in favor for or against a playoff system, Boise St. upsetting the toothless shouldn't be the breaking point.

Point and case: 8 other Big 12 teams had to "upset" ou during the regular season. This win was the biggest in Boise St. history. It was just another skin on the wall when we did it at Texas. Letting a WAC team get a legit shot at the MNC would create utter chaos. When I think playoff system, I envision the conference champs from the BCS schools duking it out. I have no interest in allowing a conference, who's teams are scheduled as "cream puffs" at the beginning of the season, take the place of an actual contender. We'll leave that to March Madness where it rightfully belongs.

Don't get me wrong, Boise St. did an outstanding job. They literally made plays drawn with a stick in the sand look like clockwork and I found myself cheering them on. But, it's not quite the same as Baylor having to defeat former national title winners Texas, ou, a&m, Nebraska and Colorado just to get to a money bowl.


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Blogger J D Allen said...

Scott, you complain about how subjective the whole BCS ranking system is and then subjectively decide Boise State must not be any good becuase they play in a less talented conference.

You can't have it both ways. Boise State is undefeated after beating the champion of the conference you like to argue is better than the SEC, meaning the nation's top conference. We shouldn't have a system that gives them a shot?

I vote for a system that allows all conference champs to play it out on the field with four at large's. I know the NCAA will make so Notre Dames is guaranteed a berth if thewy finish a game over .500 but we'll worry about that later. You then have a committee, like in bball, that seeds the teams.

This year's bowl season has already provided unexpectedly high entertainmanet value. It only gets better when great games have actual meaning.

Will it be rare that a team in a "lesser" conference proves as a legit contender or wins the title? Absolutely. But it should not be assumed. And when a team breaks through, what a story!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

Your liberal mind tricks won't work on me Mr. Allen.

First, the key phrase is "BCS ranking system" Boise St. is not a BCS school, therefore they should not be considered in the BCS champisonship game. As I see it, they have two options:

Join a BCS conference or have a non-BCS championship game that includes non-BCS schools.

Not that anyone cares about it, but this is the same methodology that the NIT uses for schools that missed the NCAA tournament cut. (Seriously, does the NIT champion really get respect?) College football does not recognize a national champion, so there is nothing holding them back from doing this.

While I agree that Boise St. played their hearts out, I do not see them as a possible opponent for Ohio St. Not when legit schools like Auburn, or even USC for that matter, can go undefeated or end up with the same record as top schools and be denied the chance to play for it all. Beating Idaho as a conference game isn't the same as beating Florida or Cal. (Or insert another highly ranked school within the same conference)

All this playoff talk has the right mindset, but the wrong arguement. Give it a another season and the notion will die down. Don't believe me? When's the last time you heard about the 2004 Utah team that busted the BCS? After their coach and star QB bailed, they slipped back into mediocrity. Now, no one even cares if Utah has a shot. All this Cinderella talk only lasts so long.

I agree with a playoff, but not with granting non-BCS schools a free pass on the road to the title game. If they want a shot, they should schedule good BCS opponents in their out of conference scheduling.

12:36 PM  
Blogger J D Allen said...

Of course, the BCS is a institution in which a handful of schools with money and power consolidated their resources to protect themselves from a national championship threat from the "little guy."

It's not like there was a BCS fairy buzzing around selecting schools to take part. Instead, greed for institutional power, money, and trophies created this jacked system we have now. It was all completely arbitrary and about unleveling the playing field to protect themselves from losing power to the Boise State's and Utah's of the world. The last thing you want is one of them, or say TCU or North Texas having a shot at the national title because then more top athletes just may want to play at those schools.

And until you have a playoff that includes all conferences that have met the attendance requirements and what not set forth by the NCAA to be a Division I football school, you have not proven a thing.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Scott Boswell said...

Ah, yes my friend. But you are neglecting the most blaring sticky point of your arguement.

Teams like Boise St. and TCU are the EXCEPTIONS to the rule. Name me someone else in the WAC or Mountain West that could compete with an average BCS team. Stick Baylor in TCU's place, and they too could be a BCS buster. Similarily, TCU could never join the Big 12 because they bring nothing to the table outside of football.

I think that I could throw a better ball than Tony Romo.

There, I've made a statement that I cannot backup because I will never have the chance to prove if I am right or wrong. So, people are either going to assume that I can or am full of it. That's your arguement for these non-BCS schools. "Even though 99.9% of the schools could not compete week to week in a conference like the Big 12, we need to give them a shot because .01 of them may be able to hold their own." The fact is that we will never know if they could because they choose not to schedule us for out of conference games. Until they do, I refuse to take them seriously. Should Horn fans be happy that they didn't have to play Boise St. this year? You bet! But, we're also talking about a couple of good years vs. the #3 program in all-time wins. Longevity trumps current events.

Boise St. beating Oklahoma was a HUGE upset. Imagine what kind of record Boise St. would have if they had to do it every year...and add other quality programs to their schedule.

7:48 AM  

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