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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Just Need One More Hit To Tide Me Over

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The nightmare has officially started.

Yes folks, football in the state of Texas is over. No more Horn games to bitch about. No more Cowboys games to dissect. Not even a Class 2A High School game to tide you over until the weekend. Dallas is officially football free for 8 more months.

Around these parts, it's a season would much sooner forget.

What do Horn fans have to show for it? Sure, a win over Oklahoma should not be taken lightly given our recent history. But, in the end, Oklahoma is the reigning Big 12 Champ and Texas escaped the clutches of the Alamo Bowl. We have another 10-win year on the books which most schools would kill for. But, a loss to a&m at home makes it feel empty as we ponder the burning question of "what if". (And if you saw the first series of the K-State game, you know exactly what "if" is) Mack Brown has currently gobbled up the #1 recruiting class for next season. But, two of our more heralded recruits have jumped ship and will be suiting up for another state. Not to mention the Texas boy who got away. (Thank you John Brantley for letting us pass on Ryan Mallett because "your word is as solid as oak") We won’t even mention the presence of Greg Davis who must hold some mighty fine blackmail over Brown.

And what about the Cowboys? Romo comes in and is deemed the savior of the franchise. But, too much anointing oil results in a choke job reminiscent of Leon Lett’s highlight film. Instead of gearing up for the playoffs the Cowboys are just off. At least the media has a few weeks of material on "will they or won’t they" for TO and the Tuna. As I pine the days where I could watch the Cowboys without getting cramps, here's hoping that both are on the next train to Clarksville.

On to the other local sports which could not be more contrasted more right now.

First, you have the streaking Mavericks. After a hideous start, and silly talk of a hangover, the Mavericks are leading the NBA with their record. Despite missing Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs have really come together as a well-oiled machine. Josh Howard is making a strong case for MVP of the team right now. Jason Terry is finally awaking from a sluggish start the plagued him early on. Things could not be better.

Then you have the Stars. To the detriment of my wife, I historically got amped for the hockey season. But, since the lockout season of 2 years ago, I have neglected to attend a game much less watch it on TV. I just don’t care anymore because the NHL didn't care about me. That’s not a good appearence to give fans in a sport that is still trying to gain an audience after 80+ years of formation. From the sound of things, the Stars are not having their strongest season this year. While they currently occupy a playoff seed at the halfway point, I can't remember the last time I heard that their winning streak was 2.

It's hard to get excited for the Texas Rangers. This offseason they signed some really intriguing players that have proven to be difference makers. But, they also lost a few that could have been stars here. Ameriquest could have been Gary Matthews Jr. Field if John Daniels would have played his cards right. Instead, he apparently let his brother Jack influence him. I expect nothing less than a strong start from the Rangers. It's the post All-Star game that worries me. Like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, I'm tired of running to see what the Rangers are doing only to mutter and curse under my breath as I hang my head in shame for falling for the old bait and switch. The Rangers are the ultimate Texas Tale.

Chin up football fans. We still have the Desperados to cheer…nevermind. I couldn’t complete that sentence with a straight face. To ESPN classics we go!

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