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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Coach Jason Garrett?


Could this be true?

Would Jerry Jones really hire former Cowboys quarterback Jason Garrett to be the seventh coach of America's team? (Or, as fellow Powerhouser Scott would say, "Non-disaster afflicted" team?)

Garrett is in demand. Nick Saban believed in him enough during his tumultuous tenure in Miami to offer him the offensive coordinator job at Alabama, and his name has floated enticingly around other coaching positions as well, both in the college and pro ranks.

Obviously, the development of King Romo the First into a top-tier quarterback is foremost on the minds of Jerry and his son/stooge Stephen. Garrett, the coach of Miami's less than stellar quarterback Joey Harrington, is known in media reports as a masterful communicator with his pupils on the on the Dolphins roster. (And with punk kids asking for his autograph - as I can attest.)

With the Dolphins outside of my NFL radar, it is difficult for me to ponder the qualifications Garrett would bring to the job. How is his play-calling? What do Saban and the Jones duo see? Laboring under Troy Aikman with clipboard duty during the Cowboys' glory years can only be a plus. But could he really impart any guidance to Romo in tempering the young quarterback's overconfidence and decisions in the pocket? What could he say that would sink in that Parcells did not? (At least we now know the REAL reason the Tuna retired.)

With Bill's legendary reluctance to break in a young quarterback, maybe Tony would respond to a coach that is committed to his improvement. But head coach of the Cowboys with only two years' coaching experience?

The rumor mill has San Diego defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (whom the Cowboys have yet to even contact) as the temporary head coach, with Garrett waiting in the wings as the offensive coordinator. Jerry has never rolled the dice on an unproven commodity, so this scenario makes the most sense. Jones, though, has never let good sense get in the way of imposing his will on the new hires.

So Mr. Garrett, if you're the guy, welcome back to Big D. Things are much different since you last roamed the sidelines at Texas Stadium. I'm sure you'll be checking back in on the Powerhouse before the season starts, as we are the one-stop shop for all of your snarky blogging needs. We'll have plenty of advice for you - we are expert armchair play-callers.

Now, about this TO guy...

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Blogger Scott Boswell said...

2 things I thought I would never hear as a Cowboys fan:

1. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your starting quarterback Tony "Butterfingers' Romo!"

2. "Jason Garrett is going for it on 4th and 2."

Remember when we had stars like Aikman and Jimmy Johnson?

8:07 AM  

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