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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Random Thoughts on My Return to Sports Cyberworld

Never fear, Powerhousers, I'm back. And forget those rumors you heard. Rehab? Not a chance! Sent to my grandmothers in El Paso for nine months because I got pregnant! Not with my package in the way!

I've been gone a while I know. Life's just kept me busy. But I'm back to bring objectivity and integrity back to the Powerhouse and wanted to chime in with a handful of thoughts I've accumulated in my absence.

First, the big news of the day even if it's not Dallas news. Peyton Manning and the Colts beat their archnemesis, the New England Patriots, to advance to the Super Bowl. This is huge because it provides a certain vindication for coach Tony Dungy and QB Peyton Manning. Some say its total vindication, but they have one more game to win.

Why do I care? When I was about five years old, I became a Tennessee fan. I saw a team dressed in orange with a big "T" on their helmuts and thought they were Texas. Hey, I was five, alright? Anyway, I cheered them on. They won. And then I found out it was Tennessee. They've been my second favorite NCAA team ever since. And Manning's been my favorite underdog.

But this also huge because I've always liked Tony Dungy's style. And, not only did he finally clear a big obstacle as a coach, he joins Lovie Smith as the first two African-American head coaches to lead teams in the Super Bowl. It's somewhat tragic it took this long, but it's good to see this day on the horizon.

Now, for Bill Parcells. Do we want this drama queen? You either want to coach or you don't. If you have to think about it this long, then you don't have the necessary passion to coach, something I think rubbed off on the Cowboys this year. He's had a great career. Hasn't been the worst coach in Dallas. But it's time to hang up the whistle and go back to Jersey. Or Bristol.

Well, the Rangers missed out on Mark Mulder and Barry Zito. It's hard to see this team as better than last year's. Yet, it may be enough this year to make a run at the AL West. This is because their division rivals continue to lose key pieces without adding equal talent to replace it. And if not 2007, 2008 might be the year to watch this team. Their biggest trouble spot is outfield, but they have a number of up-and-comers just a year or so away.

You have to like what the Stars are doing. Seems like half their team has the ice on them rather than vice versa. Yet, they hang in there in the Western Conference and as we all know, seeding means jack in the NHL playoffs.

A little note: Versus now has National Lacrosse League games Saturday nights. I'm going on record to say this is a highly underappreciated sport. I've watched lacrosse all my life when I could find it on television and I think Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban need to get a team in Dallas.

The Mavs took a step in exorcising their NBA Finals demons this afternoon in beating the Heat in Miami. However, with Shaq and Pat Riley both out, it was hardly a huge win. But do look for Josh Howard in the All Star game.

And I've saved this one in the secret compartment of my water bottle for last. Seems the substance in Michael Vick's water bottle at the airport wasn't Mary Jane after all. Is this a case of a black athlete having a substance in a water bottle so we assume it's the wacky tobacky? Shame if it is. Now, having said that, I sure hope it doesn't turn out to be Whizzinator powder. That one's for Onterrio!

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